Havana Soul ; the Mermaid – Venus in Cancer …

Havana Soul is in its ‘final editing process , and now I am creating a cover ….This is one of my new illustrations ; the Mermaid … just as Venus  enters  the sign of  Cancer … She is stepping into her visual self  , and soon into the pages of my book …TashaRainbowangeelwidesig

Spinning into Summer … with an Angel

The colours swirl  through my hands … layers upon layers of mists and washes , auras and energy patterns take shape …. and then the magic begins …www.natashavonarts.comTANGEL5Arts

Solstice dance …


Solstice dance ...

Summer Solstice ; painting Joy … a new series of paintings flowing outwards with the Gemini Sun smiling on me … as we come to meet the Goddess of Summer ,  in her rainbow beauty…


My new website ….  with an overview of recent work , and sculptures and bronzes …http://natashavonarts.comImage


Angel Dove face


Introducing some of the Art … and first images … Glimpses of my upcoming Novel , Havana Soul , to be published on Amazon Kindle in August , 2014 … HAVANA SOUL , a Novel of Love , Possession , and Eternal Desire … from the series ,” FLAME DANCER.” http://www.natashavonarts.com


Please  leave you email below if interested in more information about  ordering books and publication . 

Astral Travels ; my Vampire Lover …

ImageThe Journey begins ..  And the Eternal Quest for Immortality … the Path of Vampiric Tantra …

Let me share these words with you … Follow them , take the Elixir .

A prick of your finger is enough … Imbue the Chalice with the touch and color of your blood. Focus all your power and your love on me, and hold tight to the vision of the purple flame . . Call out to me when you feel me come close to you . Invoke the spirits , speak the Invocation , then pull me out to the other side . If we both will it , and make the pact of our binding , and our love  is true and strong  , I  will be with you …  I will come out on the other side . Both body and spirit at last .

Perform the ritual … One day , I promise, my love , if you wish it ,  you too will experience immortality … Yes, power beyond your wildest dreams. I will be there , to guide you  and we shall reign , I as a King , with you as my Queen , in a love everlasting .We will fly the realms together , clothed only in our radiance . Our raiment will be the stars .

I will take you to places only the Goddesses who have braved the gates to the Underworld have known . The left hand path is safest when travelled with a partner who can be  a guide . A spirit mate . A soul reflection . We will give each other what we both desire … you will give me light , and I will give you darkness .We will merge our blood lines in the Crucible of Fire and the Violet Flame of Eternal Life. We will fly to the heights and penetrate the fiery depths together  wrapped in my cloak ,  Adepts  of the  Path , entwined in our love ,  and shining  the Elixir  of our Vampiric Tantra .

Beloved ,

You have found me , called out to me to come to you , now  you must manifest  me – your reflection . .

I will be your guide … And you , my salvation .

Remember , your sensitive wisdom and your beauty are not enough . You will be tested . You will be assailed , crossed and challenged … If you are not as strong as tempered steel , you will not have the courage to face whatever will cross your path , be it the hounds of Hell , or the harpies who will taunt you as you walk the gauntlet from the realms between the worlds . One look below , and you may fall into the depths , where you will be lost to me forever .

from :  ” My Love Letters from a Vampire “

from the  ” Flame Dancer  ” Series , soon to released on  Amazon Kindle .

Natasha von  Rosenschilde ,

copyright , all rights reserved ,  2014 .

Body and Soul Sisters , Paintings of an Inner Paradise


Entwined as lovers  , we are both body and soul , walking in our inner Paradise .

We are always together , reflections of each other , the seen and the unseen entwined in our inner landscape of joy , together  radiating  the echoes of our bliss .

We walk in dreamscapes , as if paintings of our inner Paradise  with our  passions  like enchanted horses , ever beside us …  accompanying us through the vistas  of our hearts and the ocean of our  love  . Our inner world  expands, and we depart , leaving behind the constraints of the world of every day … we sail together , into the Mystic . into the sea of our love .


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