METATRON; A Jacket for an Angel

JctBackMetatronFAlLLEN, that is… let me make that very clear…

I painted the jacket entirely in one long day that quickly turned into night … I couldn’t stop until it was finished, and kept going, adding the details, until  subtle WiINGS were flying together. Then,I painted the SUN, the SOLAR Disc,imbuing it with  words of love as if meant for a Modern OSIRUS to walk the city streets, whole again, risen from the dead. I painted in a flow – as if under a spell for hours. Time had vanished. I hung it up to see it from the back. Now I stepped back, turned, and looked… Voices began to sing around me . A humming filled the air. As I watched, the wings began to grow…Invisible hands caressed me.My heart jumped when I saw it. The wings kept growing, spreading into the air The room became dark, and the wings glowed a violet hue as if under a soft black light . Everything glowed. I knew it had been painted for an Angel…The jacket moved, and a form began to fill it, growing with a density, as if the force of many winds, and full of sky, it took the shape of a man, standing suspended in the air before me… He slowly turned towards me. Wearing nothing but  my jacket and a pair of soft, laced up black buckskin pants laced low on his lean hips…His body rippled with sleek muscle and violet fire. Our eyes met.I knew what he was instantly…

from, ” The Story of the VAMPIRE’ and his Brothers.” copyright, 2014

The Metatron jacket in leather is available on custom order.

The Mysterious Queen of May

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She appears and disappears .. bringing the drunken lushness of spring in all its’ glory…. the blessings of the  Goddess . ElaynaMysteryQueensmallThe Mysterious Queen of May emerges, Her body opens with color. She spreads her beauty wide, like the legs of a woman in the throes of love, birthing Springtime from the barren cold; the miracle of life… Mystical words of love  written in her Flora2smalleyes, she beckons you to come- to fulfill the sacred rites of the Goddess. A Queen crowned with flowers, waiting for the roses of June… Astarte with the horns of Isis, she holds the Key that opens Heaven to the stars.

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Om Mane Padme Hum… my prayers for Kathmandu


Books, Illustrations, and Vampires…

Flamedancercover2sm8I am completing the first books in my fantasy fiction series,” FLAMEDANCER.” Now wondering, should I include illustrations…even just a few …? Being an artist, many people are requesting them…..and I too, am so wanting to create magical visions- books  full of fantasy images,but the writing has me fully immersed… I am torn… I feel they add so much… but it is so much more challenging to lay out books with images… and costly as well… should I remain digital, or plan to design them for print…?

Two Dragons; a JAZZ RAP Fairy tale, for Grownups…

<     _DSC7774 _DSC7776_DSC7839 TashaDSeranadeGGs blui

CREATED  with the Sweet Soul Lovers, This is the story of Two DRAGONS…. …a spoken word fantasy – a fairy tale for grownups, with a wonderful chill groove -by L. Kolasa,  the superb sax stylings of Steve Hall,, my lyrics and  jazz rap, together with vocals by Antonio Messum, and background vocals, Gerard Myers..

. It was a magical night… The music came spilling out, and the lyrics  spontaneously flowed,  inspired by Steve Hall on saxophone, blowing a sweet storm into the skies… I love it when that happens…. ” And then, the Dragons kissed – so sweetly;  and a New Star was born…..” A jazz – rap; improvisational fairy tale from the Sweet Soul Lovers…Dragonkisses  tantricloversmlstamp

CAt Woman dreaming of the Moon …



Serenade in Blue …

TashaDSeranadeGGs bluHe started to serenade her , and as he sang every word that came out of his mouth began to turn the world blue . She did bot really know why , but she suspected … She had suspected all along … but only the doves knew the truth … and they would never tell … She sat and wondered how the other colors felt .. So sad to be excluded … but then again , would one really choose to want to live in a world where there was no other color … or no  – clarity … a world where everything was vague … and where words could only speak in one tone – the color he wanted every one to believe was the one and only truth … the one and only tone … Yet words have so many shades and nuances , not to mention colors …She could let the blue take over , and see the world just as he was singing it to be .. lose herself in the mirage …  believe it .. or keep her vision clear .. and see into the future .., by not believing just what she wanted to hear … end refusing to see the world as only painted in shades of misty blue …Vampires could  be so very persuasive …and so very seductive .. when they wanted something .; and what they usually wanted was … blood .

The ways of a Vampire … infinite charm for ultimate gain …  but only for the common ,the unevolved ; those who feasted on the blood of their innocent and unsuspecting victims who did not realize that were giving their life for their lovers … The others understood … and lived with their honor as their code … leaving the others to feast , to deceive , and take more than they  gave …Always a choice … which side to serve …He continued to play , and  the guitar began to sing …. a a serenade in blue ….

from , ” My Love Letters from a Vampire ”

to be released in November , 2014 …

copyright , Natasha Von , 2014


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