Abstracts and Wings

Painting again, and completing a large abstract duet – a pair. The canvasses are perfect either way, alone or together, but together they can be hung together in various combinations, and together – they have more power… goldenwingbestdarksm

“Golden Wing “… 36 by 48 inches , mixed media and oils on canvas.

abstract2dawn “Breaking through Golden Clouds”… mixed media on canvas, 36 by 48 inches abstract2drapesabstrct2britestabstrct2wide

The two canvasses in progress are 3 by 8 feet side by side, and six by four when hung vertically.  The paintings just flow into each other, any way you put them. They are like a couple who who get along very well, each bringing out the best in the other until the shared energy is ecstatic from their flow, yet each is beautiful alone.

Angel and the Moon

An Angel in flight… Full Moon in Cancer, with Neptune and Venus kissing in the sky… I created this bust of a hermaphroditic Angel and gave it a multi hued patina like a rainbow, but in earthy hues .The bust is poised as if  caught in flight and sits on a raw marble base against my painting of Blue Heaven.

bluecosmos“My Blue Heaven. dancing between Venus and Mars ” mixed media and oils on hand watercolour paper 30 by 40 inches

TheTender Heart…


Los Muertos Pintados

Hats from Cheapeaux Fantastiques, created lovingly by hand adorn the mysterious  models …They lend a certain magic to any scene or situation…and show the wearers most  magical selves…

The Dead can dance …

And they do …all around us, but not always seen …they are felt, and they come to nurture , whisper or give joy… wanting to be celebrated…and they are … on the Day of the Dead, Dia de los Muertos… and they come …these joyous dancers from the other side.

She walks in both light and shadow, but is not easily visible…When one glimpses her, one never forgets her. Carrying roses, she walks with grace yet her gaze rivets with its power…Her Headdress is made of silk and velvet flowers and delicate feathers, made for her lovingly by hand. She wears it like an art work..and it crowns her as she twirls, dancing through the city’s streets…Her face shows her heart full of love… emblazoned with a small crimson heart, and the blue tones of compassion. Roses adorn her. she carries them as she walks – a beautiful phantom holding ruby red, scarlet and white roses ; passion of the flesh – and purity of the  heart.

Headdress and ensemble… Natasha Von , Chapeaus Fantastiques

Photography and body art – makeup , Natasha Von

Model Caridad Hernandez

August Beauty…celebrating Leo


Summer Love … Leo rules the heart… and glows with golden fire, like sunflowers and orange roses…

head dress … from my new collection of Floral Crowns .. mes Chapeaux Fantastiques…

June Roses

ROSEangelaOdalisquetiny2Blessing us with their beauty, the roses bloom with Midsummer, regardless of the madness of our human world, and the aspects of the stars… Their magic whispers love in the morning sun as summer graces our world once again with the pleasures of the Solstice…

I am working on a new series inspired by florals, and flowers of all sorts are filling me with inspiration.