The Stirling Room… for a Sterling Wedding

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What a unique and  wonderful location for a wedding… I am so excited to be shooting our first wedding there in April! Hip, with relaxed attitude and a very warm and very modern groove in an almost ancient location… here, old meets new, and redefines timeless. Tucked away in the Distillery, this is  a new  night spot about to get very hot… The recently opened Stirling Room has the feeling of a castle that blended into a modern lounge and found itself behind a magical door that opens only for those who know where to find magic. Yes, it is alive and well in downtown Toronto, amidst the history and silent ghosts of the atmospheric Distillery District . Step into an enchanted world behind the black velvet ropes and up the narrow staircase… enter at your own risk , for a night to remember. The hospitality is warm, the details and atmosphere are a mix of Old World and New, and the super  sympatico fraternal duo who designed and created this great space give it their personal touch in every lovingly created detail. From the custom chandelier, built by European craftsmen to order, to  the glowing alabaster bars, and unique collection of fantasy art on the walls, this place rocks  with a rhythm of cool. If you are very lucky, the very charming owner, who looks like the master of an enchanted castle, will take you down the stairs into the underworld of arches and bricks that once housed a cellar with too many whiskey kegs to count, and show you the very long dark tunnel that winds into darkness leading to… Let your fantasy fill in the blanks after a few delicious cocktails served at their hand hewn, translucent and glowing, golden bar.

Their web-site is:

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