The Purple Bride

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The thoroughly Modern Bride has no set rules she goes by, is a forward thinking feline, full of whimsy and serendipity, passionate about all she believes in, empowered with love  –  and will wear any color that suits her fancy. And in Spring, some girls’ fancy turns to thoughts of lilac, mauve , and every imaginable shade of – Purple. Our Bride in Mauve, the lovely Melissa wears  a swirl of her favorite shade in everything from her dazzling purple shoes, to a custom made veil in purple tulle, accenting her very modern mauve vinyl dress. Complete with a detachable train and peplum, to a bouquet of sexy  mauve roses, and an amethyst necklace, Melissa rocked the color Purple. From the moment she started to dress, she radiated excitement and her sparkling humor made her natural elegance even more radiant.

We photographed  her  sitting for a formal Pre-wedding Portrait, every  inch and glance the Lady, a Modern Bride with a Modern Twist… Tatoos and piercings aglow, her freshness and natural beauty  shining , we  loved following her  with our camera from the studio to the Church , where she posed  set like a precious glowing jewel against the  grey Gothic splendor of  Toronto’s St. Jamesl’s Cathedral. Arches, stone details and rose windows  added a classic accent to her neo Punk resplendent style .  We later  enjoyed the gracious beauty  of the  elegant and intimate  “La Maquette” directly across the street  on historic King Street , one of Toronto’s oldest and prettiest restaurants … a  perfect  place for a perfect reception  after a lovely wedding  in this most historic part of our lovely city  . We were so beautifully looked after  and every detail was so graciously seen to by the charming maitre’d’ Alex, who is a  polyglot and perfect host.  Mellissa shone where ever she turned, and we captured a few parting shots of her alone, but not for long,  by the grand piano. Kudos to the shining spirit of such a beautiful, unconventional and thoroughly Modern Bride.

For a beautiful historic wedding location, see more about St. James’ Cathedral… at

And for more info about the lovely “La Maquette”, for dining or  a beautiful wedding reception  please see their website …

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An impassioned artist, sculptor, designer and photographer, I combine painting and photography with a visionary astrological eye. View all posts by Natasha Von Art and Photography

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