Cosmic Soul Lovers and Twin Flames ; the Art of Love and Wedding Astrology

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Is a lifetime of wedded bliss determined by the stars in the Heavens when you say , “I do ,””  …  or  when  you share that passionate or tender kiss that seals your vows of  eternal love  ?  Many believe that it is so , and the art of Wedding Astrology has been popular around the world for thousands of years . The birth moment of the marriage determines the type of entity the marriage will be , reflecting the chart cast  , as it would be for any child , or event coming into existence at that time . It is  there fore , considered  a matter of great importance , especially in some Eastern cultures , to choose an auspicious  day and time , when al the stars and planets are harmoniously aligned , and are auspiciously placed for the couple being wed  This can be done with the help of an Astrologer , who will look to see that the planets smile upon the couple , rather than frown  upon them .

Several East Indian astrology sites specialize in casting wedding  charts , as this is a common practice in India , and many marriages are even still arranged upon the basis of compatibility  between the two partners being  the crucial factor , as has been done for milllenia in traditional Hindu marriages . Of course , it would be best to have a personal  reading done by an adept astrologer . There are many who have devoted a life of love and diligent study to their art . Some astrologers specialize in Synastry – the astrology of chart comparisons and compatibility between two people , and how they will be suited as lovers or lifetime partners in a marriage . Although this may come as a surprise to some ,the two are not  necessarily mutually inclusive . Also , two people may be ideally suited for each other , but if they choose a day full of strife in the Heavens it is believed  , this is reflected in their coming  marriage , as the ancient art of  Astrology  is the study of the maxim , ” As above , so below . “”

Certain planetary positions draw a couple together , and are lucky in a marriage chart . Others let us know we have karmic soul issues from past lives to continue and to resolve . This amazing Aries period we are in , is charged with primal power as several planets , including  Sun , Venus , Mars and Jupiter  sizzle with Aries fire and enthusiasm , promising a passionate and adventurous life together for those who wed this month .

For more information about your cosmic love , and how the stars  bless your romance , and your chart , read about the Indian  star types and compatibility  For those  interested in a modern take on ancient stars – and rebellious wild woman archetypes ,  I highly recommend  Marina’s writing at , and the synastry sections in

Wonderful astrologers are available for personal consultations either on line , on the telephone , or sitting over a cup of tea , and  giving you their personal attention , eye to eye and heart to heart , as there are many talented astrologers here in Toronto , and we would be glad to recommend some upon request   .

The images above are from the series , : Twin Flames , and Cosmic Soul Lovers ” by Natasha Von Rosensschilde .   all images are copyright of the artist .

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An impassioned artist, sculptor, designer and photographer, I combine painting and photography with a visionary astrological eye. View all posts by Natasha Von Art and Photography

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