Recreating Renoir … Le Petit Dejeuner sur l’herbe , a Country Picnic

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Celebrating the Spring , and the  beginning of Summer, what could be more romantic than a romantic picnic , two french lovers , trees in  blossom , some cheese , some fruit , a home made quiche , and some vin blanc , and some rose ‘ ?  Jessie and Benjamin , our couple in love , wanted their new life in Toronto and the romance of their  first Canadian spring to be portrayed forever  in a special way . We chose to recreate  the feeling of the painting by Renoir , but to transpose it to Norval , a quaint country town , less than  an hour away from the city .Driving through the green meadows and country roads we came upon a rushing river with weeping willows but decided the local fishermen were not  photogenic , and searched on for a private spot to celebrate their first picnic in Canada . Jessie had prepared a fine French feast for all , and we settled under a magical late  blossoming crabapple tree that sheltered us as we feasted and played . Dressed in vintage white eyelet , over 100 years old , and a yellow straw hat , Mlle. Jessie was a vision of natural beauty , with her grace and fabulous casual French style , lolling in the sunshine among the dandelions . Her fiance , Benjamin , was debonnair as only a handsome Frenchman can be , with his retro suspenders , and elegant straw hat , ever ready to pour another glass , and toast the lady he calls “‘ mon coeur “‘ as she coos back the same words ; eyes  twinkling , and a flirtatious smile .

Jessie wears antique eyelet , and  vintage lace from one hundred years past . She and Benjamin sport  perfect hats for a summer’s  day from Urban Hat  bought that very  morning at St. Lawrence Market , while shopping for their  picnic .

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An impassioned artist, sculptor, designer and photographer, I combine painting and photography with a visionary astrological eye. View all posts by Natasha Von Art and Photography

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