The June Bride ; an Angel in White

Angela , shining as if bathed by silver moonlight , lights up the room with her glow . Here , she models two  gowns  from Lowon Pope’s new collection  , and introduces grey glamour  into their wedding pallette for  next season .

Made to order , this  magnificent gown is bias ut heavy silk crepe , spliced with swathes of gentle grey lace . With a weight  that is exceptional at sculpting the body , and hugging curves , this  gown is cut in curved panels that accentuate the waist and  lengthen the body’s lines

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making   the wearer  feel like a true silver screen goddess  from the glamour of  long ago .

Soft and gentle like a summer breeze , she shimmers when she walks , dressed in flowing white satin .. . The second gown  worn by Angela is another of Lowan Pope’s  signature   bias cut gowns. It  flows down her body , and ripples around her feet in soft waves  . Cream lace  adds delicate detail at the bodice and neckline  , cascading into a long sweeping skirt  that sculpts the form as it drapes  in graceful folds at the hem.

Gowns by Lowon Pope ,

Bridal crown and bouquet …  custom made by Flora Primavera ..

About Natasha Von Art and Photography

An impassioned artist, sculptor, designer and photographer, I combine painting and photography with a visionary astrological eye. View all posts by Natasha Von Art and Photography

One response to “The June Bride ; an Angel in White

  • Angela

    Always a pleasure working with Natasha Von . A true talent with creating and capturing a beautiful image. Without a doubt I know who I would call on my “special day”.
    Stunning dresses by Lowon Pope. It was a pleasure to wear these gowns, and they truly made me feel like a beauty.
    A special thanks to these talented ladies.

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