Magical Spring Wedding Dress for a Fantasy Oriental Princess

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White Poppies , shining with silver beads , seed pearls ,and glowing iridescent  sequins  embroidered as if by fairies …. a gown for an Enchanted Princess from a Land of Lotus Flowers and Phoenix , a Shangri-la of white capped mountains , and eternal springtime , this is a masterpiece created by six skilled craftsmen for a beautiful Bride . The young and skilled embroiderers , supervised by  a Master Embroiderer  and  the artist , and designer , worked at their looms for one month to create this  bell shaped beauty , then , stitched all the pieces together with tiny stitches by hand ….

The gown was created by Natasha Von Rosenschilde , as a one of a kind wedding gown . It is modeled  by the talented jazz vocalist Belinda Corpuz , singing for the Aurora Borealis Project , and  wearing it in a video  featuring her singing , accompanied by Steven Hall , and the ambient sounds  of the Aurora Borealis Ensemble . Photographed here by the artist and designer , Natasha Von , Belinda shines like a glowing pearl , on her twentieth birthday ….. a shining young beauty in springtime .

The gown may be seen on the Etsy shop , Chapeaux Fantastiques

featuring the  work of the  artist  with wearable Art , fabulous Hats , and exquisite hand embroidered gowns and objets d’art.

About Natasha Von Art and Photography

An impassioned artist, sculptor, designer and photographer, I combine painting and photography with a visionary astrological eye. View all posts by Natasha Von Art and Photography

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