Flora … Goddess of Spring … Gothic Style

Peresephone has awakened , wild with passion , lips like nectar , and  her breath so sweet it makes the flowers bloom wherever she walks upon the Earth …where ever she casts her gaze . Her passion is contagious , and she sets the world  ablaze with color with each of her sweet sighs . Spring opens the doors  to an Earthly Paradise for lovers … revealing the secrets learned in the Underworld . She emerges into the light , and we are born again with her kisses , as she waks with the grace of  Goddesses and Angels , and sings the world her love songs , lifting her face  to the skies , and all hearts flow with the Awakening , and the blessing of her love .  Florap2 copy

About Natasha Von Art and Photography

An impassioned artist, sculptor, designer and photographer, I combine painting and photography with a visionary astrological eye. View all posts by Natasha Von Art and Photography

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