The Ultimate Great Gatsby Flapper Wedding dress

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ImageBronze and ivory , sequins , heavy glass beads like an enchanted glass painting , with arabesques and rich fantasies unfolding in an embroidered wonderland of graceful  curves silk and pearls … This dress is magical , and was embroidered and stitched entirely by hand on my meticulous drawings translated into an exact design with a symphony of needle pricks to make the original embroidery pattern …as if a perforated pointillist lacework . The gowns are custom made , and made in small series of similar pieces with slight variations . Each piece is a work of art , and may take up to six months to complete  from the first drawing . They are made by the finest embroidery artists , usually young Moslem men with traditional skills of ancient embroidery techniques , and lovingly made . Sometimes only one is made per design . They are timeless beauties , lasting  through years of delicate wonder , and treasured wear . … and beauty never goes out of fashion … Opulent , full of the energy in 1000 hours of work by loving hands , the garment falls with its’ weight , just so … enough to sculpt the female form , to  hug it’s curves with a  matchless , fantasy of elegance … a la twenties Gatsby , but truly , timeless haute couture .

Wearable for a Gatsby wedding , perfect for a ride in a white Bentley , a night on the town , dancing  on tables with bottles of champagne as the sax player  shuts the club down , with memories of sweet Charlston nights  somewhere in the distant background , as you remember Paris , and just keep dancing while  the world is seen through rose colored glasses  ….  with strains of  a sweet and elegantly seductive nostalgia .

The dress is made  to order   , and more styles may be seen  here and  on Etsy … and  gowns maybe custom ordered .

About Natasha Von Art and Photography

An impassioned artist, sculptor, designer and photographer, I combine painting and photography with a visionary astrological eye. View all posts by Natasha Von Art and Photography

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