The Alchemist’s Gift

Mt Heart Took Wing ... Natasha Von Rosenschilde  Copyright 2012 . all rights reserved .

Mt Heart Took Wing … Natasha Von Rosenschilde Copyright 2012 . all rights reserved .

You fed me the Elixir . You brought it to me .  on a silver tray , and took it from mt silver box emblazoned with Dragons . The Nectar – I taste it .

A silver spoon , in the shape of a rose brought the precious powder  to my lips .

It was the last of the Alchemist’s gift .

I found it by surprise . What a treasure .

Tasting it with my tongue , I savoured it , letting the precious white gold bring me its’ magic and its’ blessing .  kept it in my mouth , its’ strange flavour settling into my tissues ,  absorbing instantly .

You had never tasted it before .  So arrogant , smiling ,  claiming you were perfect , in your prime , and prided yourself on your superhuman strength , saying you needed nothing to enhance you . .That you were strong without the horns of Unicorns and musk , laughing .

But you did not understand . This was not a created chemical evil .

This was magic . I put it on my tongue , tenderly , with the prayer , like he had taught me . The taste was  like bland whiteness , my saliva received it , and as they touched became sweet like nectar and a mountain source . It turned into rainbows in my mouth .

I could feel it going through me like electric fire . I wanted you to have some , so pulled your head to mine, looked deeply into your eyes , and kissed you fully on the lips, opening yours , and  sharing the sacramental kiss of  Ambrosia , food of the Gods . The prayer was said . Our eyes locked , and lips and tongues joined . Our juices intermingled with the Host , our tongues , our spirits joined .  I felt it when you received it . Your eyes flashed wide open , and your body jolted in a huge electric jolt . The inner spark . It flooded through you . I gasped at the experience ; it doubled my own . The kiss did not stop . It expanded . Rainbow fire and light were going through our body ; joined as one . We sailed into our inner universe with that kiss , feasting with the Gods .

Time stopped , and we sailed into our own Infinity , the Kiss expanding in concentric circles of Heaven . We were feasting on Manna , and drinking from the Fountain of Love . we could see all and every thing reflected in each other’s eyes . The kiss was sweeter and sweeter , as if the Elixir drew flavour from our love , and fed us the sweetness combined with its’ own . Our kiss was wine , yet clear as a mountain brook in flavour , and the juices in our mouth were liquid light . We intermingled , our souls  singing as the power of the kiss rang like the clearest bell tone through our hearts , and opened all the windows to our souls .

Our eyes open , we entered and feasted  on love  .

Oh , those kisses . Wanting more we could not stop . where would more take us ?

We both craved more .

The magical Elixir , nectar of the Gods . Once tasted , never forgotten …

It brings your heart’s desire . Its’ taste opens up new prisms of light . Colours  and worlds you never knew existed .The manna , the food of the Gods …

We had to have seconds .

Feasting on breath  now , we could not stop . every look , every taste , every touch had colour . Our eyes feasted on each other’s . we could not pull them away , any more than we could stop holding and loving each other .

We were feasting on our love .

Every touch was electric , and the mingling tastes of our kisses and the Elixir had taken us beyond  our bodies .

Had we tempted Fate in taking a second taste ?

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An impassioned artist, sculptor, designer and photographer, I combine painting and photography with a visionary astrological eye. View all posts by Natasha Von Art and Photography

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