Havana Soul …


       My skin  is bathed with a dewy coat of sweat . It is hot , and Easter is coming . I feel history and time around me in the walls and cobblestones of this ancient street . They have their secrets  and offer flash glimpses like an ancient movie projector , trying to find a screen in open or unsuspecting minds .

       La Habana Vieja , the old city  of Havana is singing its’ lullabies , babies and lovers singing to the moon More than five hundred years old , she can still dazzle with her Baroque beauty,ornate and mysterious . I walk like a cat , easy  but alert , listening for sounds . It is late , just around eleven on a Saturday. .

       Passion fills the heat of darkness . Lovers laugh in the night , they embrace around me as I walk . Kisses mix with rum and laughter .The  dreams of dreamers float by , and I sense their breath , their fantasies and longings . Something stirs me , and I chase away the dreams floating by the old verandas mixing with the  moans of love and  passion .

I feel a pull so strong that I am following it like a swimmer in a rip tide . It pulls me just as strongly .

       I feel you. Who you are , I do not know . But my body feels you , an invisible  presence drawing me closer like the power of a tide pulling me.  Should I swim side ways , escaping the rip tide ?  Should I turn my steps slowly to the right ,in a diagonal ,  as if I am swimming , easing away from the powerful force by increments ? 

Tropicana 1 - Havana - 2013The  cover for a short novel  is inspiring a series of illustrations to go with the chapters . A love story a supernatural twist , it is set in beautiful Havana , and allows me to play with wonderful and  lush tropical imagery to add to the text .

I hope to have it soon ready for publication , with a series of bright and dazzling , but still mysterious illustrations .

copyright , Natasha von Rosenschilde , 2013

images and text , copyright , Natasha von Rosenschilde 2013

About Natasha Von Art and Photography

An impassioned artist, sculptor, designer and photographer, I combine painting and photography with a visionary astrological eye. View all posts by Natasha Von Art and Photography

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