Inspiration … from a Master Martial Artist

Inspired , I could not stop . The waves of delight spread themselves through me . I kept breathing .

” Remember , the purpose of life is to get high , be high , and stay high . ”

” Go for the clouds in your spiritual practice . For the gold . ”

” You are cloud born … a cloud walker .  Do not lose your vision . Keep it constant , feeding it with love . Always , remember the Dragon blood … Go  for the path to Ascension ; for the Light .”

solarrfireMadalagate copy_2Hold fast to your vision , do not lose it .  It is your greatest treasure . The whispers of goddesses and Angels .”

And he pulled me to his side and whispered the words  in my ear . They were a name , a distant secret , a name from a past that only those sworn to secrecy in my family could  know . The girl had spoken truly .

” Nurture it , and then let it feed you . ”

His words just echoed  with every in breath .

He was a Master . He could see through flesh and obfuscation to the inner kernel . The soul. With one deep look .

When we first met , a young girl stood staring at him in awe after we had spoken .

” That man can take one look at you , and tell you your past , present , and future … He can see right through you , and tell you all about it . ”  She was in awe .

He saw through me at that moment . I did not realize it at that time . .   Right into me . Into my past and my present . I do not know what he saw of my future . He only shared  that he would see me again . Later .

And he did .

Standing on a street corner , I could feel him . His eyes were burning me through my clothes . I could feel the fire .I  turned . There he was again . Smiling .  He was behind my left shoulder as I stood,not knowing which way to turn ,  lost in a moment of timeless limbo in a rush hour crowd  . He was there , just as he had said he would be …  Later .

It all started at that point .

He walked over and said , ” I am here , just like I said ,  we would see each other again .   And  so , which way are you going …”  smiling , he knew full well I did not know .I was standing at the crossroads .

He invited me to his martial arts studio , and then to have dinner .I accepted and stepped into the world of a very powerful martial arts master .

And the realm of Dragon’s Blood .

Guiding me through the steamy heat and grime of a New York City night too long ago to want to talk about  , he was silent . His presence was powerful , warm , yet very contained . Cryptic . He stopped  me before we entered .

” I want you to observe  everything you see . Very carefully . And especially one person , my head assistant . I want you to observe him very carefully . and afterwards , tell me what you see . “. Please observe every thing  you see , very , very carefully . We entered his studio . Somewhere in midtown , east side , up old stairs , a big , wide open old wooden floored empty loft . He put me on a throne . Like a Kumari . I sat , and watched , as I had been instructed . No one spoke but him . he was a master of  Korean martial arts , of the old school . A young lion in an ancient lineage . He c;lapped his hands and gave orders in Korean and english . His students served him and did his bidding . I saw he was impeccable in his every action , and  demanded the same of his students.They too seemed impeccable . Every time he clapped a certain way , a student would come and our and serve me green tea . Every time my cup was empty it was filled . And the student would bow to me .

I was a Kumari . Certainly , I was his Kumari . I shone like one , like any young girl of seventeen . My innocence  was a shining light  ; a cloak that protected me . He took me and began to teach me . He singled me out  to give me a gift .. Chose me by fate or deign . I do not know . He revealed mysteries to me . Strangely connected time past and present , he left out the future , but touched me with his brilliance in a way that stayed through my entire life .

Master Min was also a Master Magician … and there are those who are sorcerers  of the dark arts  within in the martial arts . The study of the martial arts can confer great power , if you open the doors . The power however , must be controlled , and chanelled for the good . Or  it can grow very big , and it can turn …

Min was a martial arts Master who used his incredible power for great good that night . He looked into my face  across a crowded room in an art school , and saw the past . And so doing , he held out his hand like a bridge , and took me by the hand . He brought me face to face with it . The past of my family . The past of my father  .

And  the face and the present of a brother I had never  even known  existed  . ..  the  martial artist’s’  chief assistant .

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