Signed , sealed , delivered …


Radiant layers of color kept asking to be added to the painting after it rested for ten days and ten nights . The stars changed , and new energy came to the painting as if it had been waiting for its’ right time for completion . I had worked on this piece in a modern style , but used many old master’s techniques and materials …  I cooked my own gesso , and added marble dust to the bas relief mixture .  I used oils and tempera and  natural pwdered pigments . At the end , I used  gold leaf . The secret to painting is both seeing and listening . Being able to hear the subtle currents of energy as well as see them . Art is felt . A composition in color rather than sound … Rest is as important as action sometimes .


After two months , Sky dancer  was finally completed and delivered to the client on July 5th . The Cancerian love flow was there . I had waited for the grand trine to finish the painting and it was sealed into the painting now , and a cycle felt completed  .Commisioned  with the thought of her  late husband , the  painting has had a very strong energy and presence from the beginning . I added a line of poetry , ” And the sun sparkles its’ rain down upon me , ”  written by  my client , who was a poet , on the side . Now  completed , with many planets in Cancer and  a grand trine in water signs  it was ready . I  begun the  painting  with Venus in in Gemini  , completed with Venus in Leo , like the two  lovers . The midpoint of the couple , a Gemini and a Leo  is Cancer  , and  the painting  seems to shine with the  combined energy of the three astrological signs .

_DSC1934The painting started to burn with more fire , and more light the more I worked on it now . The gold was what it had been waiting for and missing- the fire . Now it just blazed with beauty –  shining  with the  combined layers of two months of painting . It began to glow , and i I kept applying the leaf . as  it kept asking for more . Every detail started to shine  , the oils glowing with translucence

When she arrived  to my studio , and I led her in o see her completed work , I watched  the pupils of my clients”s eyes expand. They became enormous  mirrors  of the painting , shining with a flash of inner light and reflecting  back all the  glorious layers of color  at that moment . Wide with a flash of  love . Her pleasure was electric and tangible .  .. It was the moment an artist or sculptor lives for … _DSC1952

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An impassioned artist, sculptor, designer and photographer, I combine painting and photography with a visionary astrological eye. View all posts by Natasha Von Art and Photography

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