a 2 z , reflections on a golden canvas

TAsha Pasha , mixed media self portrait with digital photographic manipulation and painting

TAsha Pasha , mixed media self portrait with digital photographic manipulation and painting

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Beautiful energy is unfolding within me … and I cannot stop painting . Creating new work is like a magical flow  blessing  me , and I welcome it . Delight fills my spirit , and I am so full with it that I feel the radiance spill out from my fingers into my paintings . everything I touch seems to feel it , whether canvas or paper , the energy is flowing outwards  … Like a golden wash of light . Flowing and transmuting itself through color , paint , into light reflected back at me . Glowing as it reflects the light I feel wit a newly freed joy . Healing me as I paint . I feel the power of the paintings as I gaze at them . Joy seems to jump out from the small canvasses .Knowing they have an inner power they smile at me , free to give their blessings and beauty to the world , they are like songs . Like small cosmos , each painting is a little section of an infinite pattern  as if a cross section of time caught in paint on canvas .

Moons and suns from distant imagined galaxies are trapped in swirls of color and light . Niburu and other mysterious planets  populate the mysterious skies in these mini galaxies that are  unfolding beneath the many layers of paint and glazes . Only Dragons and Angels are visible in these worlds of swirling clouds and colors . Perhaps dreams  populate these worlds  as well , and I capture them with my brush , like automatic writing , or a ouija board .

Questions of language enter my mind as I contemplate the images in the midst of  creation . Regardless of the subject , the feeling in this new series of paintings  is the same ;  a profound centering and sense of balance . An inner harmony shines through them , Jupiter in Cancer reflecting light into my solar fourth house , lighting up my natal Sun  in Leo , bringing its’ expansive blessings to my creative inner life in my home and studio  .  Surrendering to the blessings of Sun and Jupiter , energized by Mars transiting my Sun , I have not stopped painting inn my studio for almost 14 days . Thankful , taking in the spirit of the trine , I understand the flow of it in my creative work , and surrender .

Uplifted , I continue , not wanting the inspiration to stop .

Very thankful I feel blessed and continue .

Weaving colors and glazes. I weave   beauty , trapping time in light with  washes of color , and dazzle the eye and spirit with explosions I create with raised texture and gold leaf .

Xylophones and chimes seem to emanate from the paintings now , as if speaking to those who are blind of vision . …

Yellows and golds , reds and oranges have become my language , reflecting my dreams. Zealously trying to outshine each other the new paintings smile at me as I finally  relax , smiling ,  having birthed them simply allow them to be .

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An impassioned artist, sculptor, designer and photographer, I combine painting and photography with a visionary astrological eye. View all posts by Natasha Von Art and Photography

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