Pegasus , a Full Moon and the Art of Flight

ImageIt is a Full Moon , and I must keep working . Morning is already spilling sun all over my small world . Pegasus , the horse who could fly , and flew to the Heavens is  taking form in my studio . Marble dust all over ,plaster and gesso in the air .

As above , so below …. I am shaping a heavenly creature onto a very large wooden birch panel with plaster and gesso , and today  I am creating the last details on her face and Wings . I feel compelled to finish the work as much as I can today to seal in the power of this intense and potentl Aquarius Full Moon .

An elegant , strong , sensitive white and copper maned horse  , this is perhaps a mare – female Pegasus .  White , and pure ,like water and snow , she glows with ivory and soft copper laid down under  layers of  white  plaster and  ground marble . . . snow like . She is  being completed with this Full Moon in Aquarius ; the  Water Bearer bringing a peace and humanitarian vision to the world .I have sculpted her as a bas relief , building up layers of flesh , exhausting myself building up muscle and mane as I worked the plaster over her curves .

Almost complete , her mane flows . She has an elegant abstraction , as  was requested , and wonderful strength and movement emanate from her . Power and grace are flowing  from her now . Finally … as I continue to strive , attempting daily to capture the essence of  her equine beauty .

A mare is said to have great patience , and greater fecundity . Like  the Moon . The Mongolian nomads revere a mare as the Mother of the World , and associate this Cosmic Mare with  the Moon . East Africans compare a beautiful woman to a beautiful mare , as a compliment .

Ceres the Earth Goddess is conjunct the Sun and Mercury in the sign of the Lion … the Cosmic Mother on ecstasy … with a passionate heart full of love … a fiery and passionate  Quan Yin  ….

Perhaps if I complete my Pegasus today , she will also speak ,golden like Ceres , in the language of the Sun  , with a full heart of love … like the Lion . Perhaps she will  reflect the light of Regulus from the Lion’s heart ,  in the language of the Sun, tinged with tones of love .

I shall paint or sculpt the Moon in today , to capture it and its’ power , and seal it into my work . And sign it with a symbol and a poem to wish  peace upon her new home and her mistress , who will soon come to claim this magical mare .An incantation and prayer will be written into the plaster I place today .

My Lady Horse , Pegasus  will bless and grace her life , bringing her a gift  every time she looks at her …. a silent song of love  and  the secret to the  art of flight .

Pegasus  is 4 by 6 feet , and is a commissioned bas relief art work  by Natasha von Rosenschilde

About Natasha Von Art and Photography

An impassioned artist, sculptor, designer and photographer, I combine painting and photography with a visionary astrological eye. View all posts by Natasha Von Art and Photography

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