Traveling in Style … a Royal Ride

There he was ..

waitingImage  for me .

Elegant , a warm smile on his face …  We were going for a ride .  A long one . It was a surprise . Just fell into myImage

lap … A  drive  somewhere … destination unknown … ” Forget your worries …  Just dress for a magical ride , very old school style …” was all he had said . As an afterthought , he added , ”  We will driving in the  Queen Mum’s car … ”

It was  Sterling , a mysterious and elegant man . I liked  to call him my gentleman friend . He  made me feel very old fashioned . I like that . He was a charmer , and loved fine , fine cars ,  and  …. stylish ladies …  and loved them in combination . He was calling  me out of the blue  as he often did , to take me for a spin ,  and  I was always  ready …  He had that way about him .  .

The day was summer heaven . I dressed with care  ,  loving that sparkle  that went off in his eyes like crazy thunderbllts  whenever  he saw me . I knew he would be impeccable … He was  quite the dandy ._DSC6747

What adventure awaited me today ?  I wondered  as I chose my clothes  , Pearls ,  a  charcoal grey suit , a vintage sequined sweater circa 1957,  , same era as the car , and white lace sandals  with very  high heels .

We were traveling back in time .  And  iit was beautiful …  I could simply sit back , and sail away with the breeze from the lake , and let the sun caress my face as we  drove . Sterling was taking care of everything . The car  sparkled , like the day .  A 1953 Daimler , once owned by the Queen Mother … it had known some glory in days gone by .

He was taking me to high tea some where very  special , he said ….  Sweeping me away , white horse and all .  I stepped into the  car …  interesting , the feel  of very old , very special automobiles . seems to make my head spin  ..  and we  drove into a world gone by . He sang  as we drove ,  singing jazz hits of  years gone by  .  I sat back , listening , my mind meandering like his songs . Old fashioned . Black and white movies . were  going through my head . And the glory of summer as we drove down to the  lake . He sang , ” Volare , ” and then would change it up , and sing  old tunes he loved . I let the wind  play with my hair , and the sun kiss me . _DSC6728_2_2_2

We were  in a time capsule now , or making our own …  Antique  cars are like magic carpets …. or genies ….  and any thing can happen …..  especially with Sterling at the wheel ….   The Windsor Arms , perhaps ?


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An impassioned artist, sculptor, designer and photographer, I combine painting and photography with a visionary eye. View all posts by Natasha Von Art and Photography

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