White TARA; the Healing Goddess

My most recent painting, a White Tara started with the Aries ingress and the first day of Spring, is now almost completed. White Tara is the Goddess of Healing and ultimate compassion in the Tibetan Buddhist pantheon, and is considered ” the Mother of all Taras.” Just as the color white has all the colors of the spectrum within it, so does White Tara incorporate all of the Taras, of which ether are several – Green Tara, Red Tara, Blue Tara, Yellow Tara and Black Tara.  Her purity and beauty heals both body and spirit, and her mantra uplifts us when chanted, bringing peace to the spirit. She is said to bring peace and helping into a household when placed in the south-east corner of the home in Feng shui. White Tara has seven eyes, three on her face and one in each palm and the soles of her feet, enabling her to see all with her eyes of ultimate compassion. i have painted her in shades of white and pale aqua, with golden and white clouds around her , crowned with golden lotuses.


White Tara, painting on wooden board, Natasha Von


White Tara


White Tara, in the home


White Tara, mixed media on wooden board, 48 by 60 inches

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An impassioned artist, sculptor, designer and photographer, I combine painting and photography with a visionary eye. View all posts by Natasha Von Art and Photography

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