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Travel … nomads and dreams of far away places





ImageI could not stop dreaming of him , Night and day . His image would not leave me .  He spoke to me through dreams . I could feel him around me , in my thoughts , my waking dreams , he filled me with his presence from far away .  A nomad in my mind , I was restless in my heart . I could feel his thoughts at a distance , at all hours . and would sit dreaming of him , hoping to conjure up his image  . And he would appear before my eyes , walking with me , taking my hand as if he had always been there . As if we had never parted . He  surrounded me with his thoughts , like a master mermaid catcher … I could feel his sparkling net  being cast … and the tall ship would  pass by on the water , sails unfurled , as if writing his name in clouds , a nomad  in an ever changing sky .

An Eccentric Yule …

Winter Solstice draws near . The holiday spirit makes us sparkle and glow , bringing light to the dark nights with the warmth of our hearts and  loves .

Rich velvets and embroideries , romantic silks , antique laces and satins gleam in the  warm , afternoon light , adorning a retro and timeless woman , a Zhivagoesque Julie , shown dressed in Custom Couture fantasies designed  by Natasha Von .

Hand made , each Chapeau is unique , and one of a kind … as is each garment .

Perfectly beautiful , glowing  in the  spirit of  Yule …  the fanciful whimsy of the sumptuous hats and couture fantasies  make  fashion a work of timeless art , and bring the joy of a personal theater to our lives …

And what better time than Christmas for tradition to mix with fantasy , and to celebrate times gone by ,  – with a delicious quixotic spin  or  two ?Or the New Year , to bring joyous delight , and whimsical magic into the year to come ?

And in the spirit of an Enchanted Holiday ,  this charming duo , true Modern Romantics , are doing it right , and starting early !

Mlle. Julie , our lovely model  glows in lace and velvet , styled and created by Miss Natasha Von , with love …. Julie’s mysterious admirer , M. Gerard , ready for New Year’s Eve , and dashing as always , both masked and unmasked , wears a lace jabot , sequin trimmed shirt  by Natasha Von ,  Custom Creations , Chapeaux Fantastiques …

Perfectly beautiful , in the spirit of Yule …

A Hat for each Occasion …


From a perfect Christmas dinner , wearing a hand embroidered velvet and fur Russian style Hat ,

And  a black velvet and sparkling rhinestone Hat called Black Magic ,  a perfect fantasy  in the spirit of New Year’s  Eve ….

All furs are lovingly restored , recycled , and recreated Canadian pieces .

Modern Love; the new Canadian Romantics

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Modern Canadian Romantics. Tan and toned, and young and lovely, they bring passion and a sensual beat with them where ever they go. Smooth, warm,  sensual and savvy, their energy  has the rhythm of a samba. This dynamic downtown couple, Miranda and Ryan move to their own sweet rhytm that heats up downtown Toronto and the waterfront.

As you can see for yourself, they make even a cloudy day in Toronto sizzle, and bring life to  Toronto’s Edwardian past, giving a cool day in May an extra special flavor.

We followed them on a romantic rainy, late spring afternoon, shooting their very own very cool downtown Toronto samba; a celebration of modern love – and a true downtown romance .

Playing peek-a-boo with the sun, light as a  summer breeze and whispering sweet words in each other’s ear  Miranda and Ryan enjoy the flowers at Allen Gardens, bringing a new look to an eternal theme.  What did he whisper in her ear? Is that an engagement ring I see on her finger?

to be continued …

Recreating Renoir … Le Petit Dejeuner sur l’herbe , a Country Picnic

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Celebrating the Spring , and the  beginning of Summer, what could be more romantic than a romantic picnic , two french lovers , trees in  blossom , some cheese , some fruit , a home made quiche , and some vin blanc , and some rose ‘ ?  Jessie and Benjamin , our couple in love , wanted their new life in Toronto and the romance of their  first Canadian spring to be portrayed forever  in a special way . We chose to recreate  the feeling of the painting by Renoir , but to transpose it to Norval , a quaint country town , less than  an hour away from the city .Driving through the green meadows and country roads we came upon a rushing river with weeping willows but decided the local fishermen were not  photogenic , and searched on for a private spot to celebrate their first picnic in Canada . Jessie had prepared a fine French feast for all , and we settled under a magical late  blossoming crabapple tree that sheltered us as we feasted and played . Dressed in vintage white eyelet , over 100 years old , and a yellow straw hat , Mlle. Jessie was a vision of natural beauty , with her grace and fabulous casual French style , lolling in the sunshine among the dandelions . Her fiance , Benjamin , was debonnair as only a handsome Frenchman can be , with his retro suspenders , and elegant straw hat , ever ready to pour another glass , and toast the lady he calls “‘ mon coeur “‘ as she coos back the same words ; eyes  twinkling , and a flirtatious smile .

Jessie wears antique eyelet , and  vintage lace from one hundred years past . She and Benjamin sport  perfect hats for a summer’s  day from Urban Hat  bought that very  morning at St. Lawrence Market , while shopping for their  picnic .

La Vie en Rose… an Engagement shoot, and Fairy Tale

An enchanted day in May, in a place long ago and far away, there was a fine lady of fashion who longed to leave the dizzying spin of city living for the pleasures of the countryside. She loved cherry blossoms, apple blossoms, and all sorts of blossoms. Most of all, she loved the Spring, and loved to dance barefoot on the grass at sun set, afternoon and  especially in the light of dawn. There was also a fine gentleman who often sat by his window, gazing over the fields and the meadows. He loved to see the lady dance barefoot upon the grasses and flowers under the cherry tree at his estate in the country. She danced as if no one was watching, and every time he saw her dance, he slowly fell in love with her free and sweet spirit.

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She was a very tender and delicate lady, and  loved to wear the color pink. So she vowed one day that she would celebrate her wedding  dressed only in pink  at apple blossom and cherry blossom time. And spend her honey moon with her sweetheart, in the countryside, surrounded by the budding trees and blossoms, dancing and feasting a deaux, and enjoying La Vie en Rose –  an eternal springtime of love .

One day the Marquis  came to  greet her  while she  danced ,. She took one look , and knew he was the one she had always dreamed of . He ws overwhelmed by her grace and charm , and  extended his hospitality to her , were she to desire to return . And return she did , and the two fell in love .

Their engagement was celebrated with  Mlle. Jessie   dancing in palest  blushing pink tulle , while her fiance watched on a blanlet under a crabapple in bloom , with a smile and very good bottle of white Chardonnay  .He then got up to join her ,  promising  her a lifetime of  bliss , and dancing  a deux , amidst the  blossoms and  the flowers .

Their engagement photos were our pleasure to capture   , and  are our pleasure to share .

Jessie’s gown is vintage , needless to say … and her entire marvelous ensemble , as well as that of her beau , is  from Exile  in Kensington  Market .

Sweethearts … from Engagement shoot to Wedding Portraits

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Radiant , and glowing like  a spring day , Bebe  and Farhad  exude the freshness  and beauty  of springtime  and  their young love . Sweethearts  since high school , their  natural charm and beauty compliment each other ; ,her blue eyed Mediterranean glow  set off by his dark  good looks . it was a pleasure to  take these casual engagement portraits  , and to capture  some  precious intimate moments with the two of them  in this  relaxed and natural, gently  retro , yet timeless  portrait series .,,,,  And to then proceed later to the more formal and very old school style portraits in the wedding series . Creating a retro mood with colour and a hand painted backdrop , we seem to go back in time to the hand painted wedding portraits in sepia and oils of our grandparents . As if tinted by an old photographer’s expert hand , the wedding portraits exude a feeling of sweeter , more innocent times , when life moved at a gentler pace , and the world was full of romantic love songs .  In these portraits  , I have  taken and used images to create and compose  a romantic love song for  two  sweethearts , and  two young lovers .