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The SUN; the Golden Dakini Tarot


                           THE SUN CARD



Spring is unfolding outside as we stay in our isolated, internal worlds here in the north – and crave the glory of the SUN after this hard winter. Having been entirely immersed in creating a new deck of Tarot cards through the winter and spring, I will be unveiling them one by one, as I complete the deck. And will slowly introduce them… a compilation of years of images, most of the cards incorporate my photographic work with painted bodies. My visionary journey into the magical world of Tarot, interpreted in my own style –  combining painting, photography  and symbolism, merged  through modern digital processes is psychedelic in inspiration and perspective; shamanic, contemporary yet timeless. Creating the deck is an ongoing journey.  Its magic and mystery unfold daily as I do … I hope to have it completed and unveiled by Summer’s end.

Flora is Awakening

TashawFlora9tinyThe northern world is  slowly and tenderly coming back to life…

my new work, new series… Primavera…

Libra and Pisces in the Boudoir…

Libra and Pisces make the best photographers and models, I think… Both are double signs and are so sensitive to the other. Libra’s love of harmony becomes an easy flow of give and take, and they create an aura of beauty around themselves and whatever they touch. Pisces intuits and brings out the inner dreams of a subject as a photographer or morphs into any fantasy as a model… This  is a perfect time to indulge in the pleasures of a romantic, boudoir photo shoot. Venus seduces us so cleverly in Aquarius, unique, eccentric  and somewhat detached, while Neptune in Pisces takes us on a flight of dreamy and muted passion. Lit by the Pisces Sun, our spirits opened by Neptune can soar in dreamy flight through a voluptuous sky flowing with grace… Our lens becomes all soft focus now as we flow  with beauty in a cloud of  Pisces love…Angellegsinsatintiny

Havana Soul ; the Mermaid – Venus in Cancer …

Havana Soul is in its ‘final editing process , and now I am creating a cover ….This is one of my new illustrations ; the Mermaid … just as Venus  enters  the sign of  Cancer … She is stepping into her visual self  , and soon into the pages of my book …TashaRainbowangeelwidesig

Twilight … From the Vampire Letters

vampiremask2The box was very old . Painted with roses and gilded , it had belonged to a lady , and the key fit it exactly . It was  a music box , I thought . I turned the key and opened it . A packet of letters tied with purple silk ribbon lay  inside . Unable to resist , a strange feeling came over me  and I was trembling when I  read the first letter . Written in script , with deep purple ink , the words came alive , as if with their own voice …  A voice that had been waiting a long time to be heard .

Chopin  … poignant , moody , the  music box  played  softly …  I began to read , and lost myself in the blue of  twilight as it fell upon the world around us . A powerful  voice began to speak  to me  , as if from the music box . Seductive , but strong  ….  like  rich port sherry and with an after taste of the erotic , as if he was about to gently lick his lips , moistening them with his tongue .  . .

Letters from a Vampire …


” Listen , I am the Dark Angel crying in the night . The Full Moon is upon us … Twilight has come and gone …”

My Beloved ,

 Pray this I do tell and want nothing more than to raise the dead from the ashes of nothingness … To   untangle the unfair disgrace the world binds us in daily… I can not  be lost to the madness  …The madness of the world gone crazy. .. where blood is on the menu daily and mine is no exception.

Ah sweet Divine Spirit … lift this veil from my eyes … It leaves me crucified   and I do not want this sadness… I   surrender  to  the  deft wings  catching  me and I,  even I, can look  death and sorrow in the face  …  Our passion …will live … Eternal …The evil will desist … I will destroy it …. Their  lust does not  belong to you and it does not belong to me… it is the shadows and spirits of those who cling to us without permission.  Nay, I do not believe in the grave and I do not believe in death …  and nothing  is more sorrowful than one who is so blessedly divine but blind to his own power.

I can come to you now only in Darkness …  Darkness that I love so, you are a friend but you can also be a foe… I take dominion over you and this you know well… it is my right to love you and to leave you should you desire my  soul to steal… I take dominion…

Wake up, my sweet lover of long ago, you shall not die to the pain , I am always by your side , in the night , . The misery, the sorrow will be no more … I will soon arrive .

Close your eyes and take my blood ,  for the blood I carry was shed for me long ago without my knowing … until  a time where the blood of strangers made me ill and left me in madness.. Take my blood, I want nothing more than to resurrect you to spring forth and send  the  soul  stealers   running … When you rise again , you will  see  them leave you for they have no more dominion over you  … this communion of blood, body and soul will restore you…

Suddenly  Paris  in the spring does not seem so impossible  as it once did for me  …   a  part of my soul wanders down  by the Seine , with you … A part of my soul  sings, rests and loves on the soil of Italy, or in London  and Greece … The other  part is still  holding  your hand in New York.

Cara mia , I am coming to find  you …. Resurrection   day … surging  into the power of the night … When you read this , I will already be close beside you .

The Full Moon is upon us…

My undying affection , forever yours in Eternity ,

and Eternity forever in my Kiss  ,

your Dante .

Darkness had now enveloped me … I felt his caress like a cool breeze . It began to lift my dress …. The Elixir in my flask at my bosom called to me. He was here. My body began to tremble with anticipation … I quivered in my most secret heart … Image

A new Novel … beginning  … The Vampire Letters … NAtasha Von , copyright , 2014

Tantric Lover Cover Art

Tantric Lover Cover Art

The Cover art for Tantric Lover , a Tantric spoken word fantasy groove … new music . Natasha Von and the Sweet Soul Lovers , lovingly co created with  D. J. B. . L. Kolasa ,  featuring  vocals by Antonio  Messum , and the ecstatic sax stylings of the wonderful Steve Hall .

available at …

A Mystery Wrapped in an Enigma …



 ..solarrfireMadalagate copy_2

unfolds as if a dream , of animals and jewels and a Pure Land ,  visions of  worlds beyond the moon and stars …

                                                                                                     when I bteathe in light , and just close my eyes …animals and jewelssmallest verytiny copy_2

Art ; Winged Venus …. in flight


Winged Venus in flight  , bronze with a golden patina , 56 ” by 48 “”   cast from an original wax .

Art ; Winged Venus …. in flight

Winged Venus in Flight , a photograph of one of my life sized bronze sculptures has been chosen with 2 other works to be in a multimedia show in a New York gallery  from July through October . The link above shows  the site.

Journey… Spirit Dance

ImageWe enter the City of Love,

You  touch me , electric ,

The heavens open ,

and we dance ,

The gates of Paradise  fling  wide  ,

the Sun and Moon sing in unison with the stars .

I moan , and see the sea swirl beneath us , as your wings unfold

And dance me higher ,

holding me up ,

high in your arms

until my heart and mind explode ,

blasting the barriers of flesh and skin ,

until flying ,

we enter the City.

Shining golden ,

The City of Love ..

Time stops ,

our wings grow ,

yours  large , and strong ,

grey streaked silver ,

burnished steel flecked with  gold,Image

The  rays of  your heart , and mine unchained  , are golden ,

like the Dawn ,

They take us upwards ,

flying ever higher , until the Heavens open , and revolve around us .

Majesty  unfolds ,

we cross the borders of the worlds ,

one by one ,

until ,

I fly ,

shaking ,

seared through and through with starlight .

You pierce  me with your Angel Fire ,.

I moan again , in ecstasy

I speak in tongues  of light, ,

gold and silver ,

celestial harmonies embrace us ,

for we are dancing ,

our souls  emblazoned ,

with the mark o f Angels ,

and we are dancing ,

seared through and through with starlight ,


in the City of Love .

Natasha Von Rosenschilde  copyright , City of Love 2013 , art and writing , all rights reserved .

The Alchemist’s Gift

Mt Heart Took Wing ... Natasha Von Rosenschilde  Copyright 2012 . all rights reserved .

Mt Heart Took Wing … Natasha Von Rosenschilde Copyright 2012 . all rights reserved .

You fed me the Elixir . You brought it to me .  on a silver tray , and took it from mt silver box emblazoned with Dragons . The Nectar – I taste it .

A silver spoon , in the shape of a rose brought the precious powder  to my lips .

It was the last of the Alchemist’s gift .

I found it by surprise . What a treasure .

Tasting it with my tongue , I savoured it , letting the precious white gold bring me its’ magic and its’ blessing .  kept it in my mouth , its’ strange flavour settling into my tissues ,  absorbing instantly .

You had never tasted it before .  So arrogant , smiling ,  claiming you were perfect , in your prime , and prided yourself on your superhuman strength , saying you needed nothing to enhance you . .That you were strong without the horns of Unicorns and musk , laughing .

But you did not understand . This was not a created chemical evil .

This was magic . I put it on my tongue , tenderly , with the prayer , like he had taught me . The taste was  like bland whiteness , my saliva received it , and as they touched became sweet like nectar and a mountain source . It turned into rainbows in my mouth .

I could feel it going through me like electric fire . I wanted you to have some , so pulled your head to mine, looked deeply into your eyes , and kissed you fully on the lips, opening yours , and  sharing the sacramental kiss of  Ambrosia , food of the Gods . The prayer was said . Our eyes locked , and lips and tongues joined . Our juices intermingled with the Host , our tongues , our spirits joined .  I felt it when you received it . Your eyes flashed wide open , and your body jolted in a huge electric jolt . The inner spark . It flooded through you . I gasped at the experience ; it doubled my own . The kiss did not stop . It expanded . Rainbow fire and light were going through our body ; joined as one . We sailed into our inner universe with that kiss , feasting with the Gods .

Time stopped , and we sailed into our own Infinity , the Kiss expanding in concentric circles of Heaven . We were feasting on Manna , and drinking from the Fountain of Love . we could see all and every thing reflected in each other’s eyes . The kiss was sweeter and sweeter , as if the Elixir drew flavour from our love , and fed us the sweetness combined with its’ own . Our kiss was wine , yet clear as a mountain brook in flavour , and the juices in our mouth were liquid light . We intermingled , our souls  singing as the power of the kiss rang like the clearest bell tone through our hearts , and opened all the windows to our souls .

Our eyes open , we entered and feasted  on love  .

Oh , those kisses . Wanting more we could not stop . where would more take us ?

We both craved more .

The magical Elixir , nectar of the Gods . Once tasted , never forgotten …

It brings your heart’s desire . Its’ taste opens up new prisms of light . Colours  and worlds you never knew existed .The manna , the food of the Gods …

We had to have seconds .

Feasting on breath  now , we could not stop . every look , every taste , every touch had colour . Our eyes feasted on each other’s . we could not pull them away , any more than we could stop holding and loving each other .

We were feasting on our love .

Every touch was electric , and the mingling tastes of our kisses and the Elixir had taken us beyond  our bodies .

Had we tempted Fate in taking a second taste ?