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The Lovers

Titania and Oberon, the Fairy Lovers unite, and Spring blossoms with their passion.

Chapeaux Fantastiques

My fantasy HATS … and Headdresses… Magical creations, each one is a small and unique work of art. Some are made entirely with natural elements and flowers like fairy wreaths Others are for city wear, weddings and special occasions. Created with love and and embellished with silk faux flowers, pearls and threads they are made to order and each is a a celebration of the joys of spring… a Chapeau Fantastique !


The Wolf Princess

Jenniferwolf4cropsmallWilling me towards her, her grey eyes lit the darkness aglow… Snow kept falling steadily all around us. I saw we were not alone… Her companion appeared beside her and fixed his eyes upon me. Looking up I saw a circle of many eyes reflecting the light, behind him. A mantle of grey hung from her shoulders and she wore a crown of white antlers and pearls. She fixed her gaze upon me and suddenly a warm glow entered my blood stream, pulling me deeper into her inner vortex; mesmerizing me in my tracks.

I could feel the eyes of the entire pack gazing with her, all of them blinking in unison; flickers of gold in the night.

It was Embolic. I had come out to pour warm ewe’s milk into the snow to feed the earth for her awakening in the coming spring.  My dreams were in the milk… They were all written on white papers that I had shredded finely. Mixing them with my prayers, I had immersed them in the warm milk sweetened with honey… Wandering out into the night holding my warm pot of milk I searched for an auspicious place to plant my dreams. She had been watching me and following me silently.

With one nod and a sweeping gesture, the pack circled in and surrounded me…

from my new novel ” Arizona,” book five of the fantasy fiction series,”FlameDancer” coming soon… copyright, 2016, all rights reserved…

Spring makes my head spin … and the doors open

ImageDizzy , I talk to trees and daisies ,  awestruck by the miracle of  a new spring , one more time .Each spring  is  a miracle to me  , and reborm, ideas flow through my head , swirling until I hear them like melodies , and I want to dance ; but they all want to fly . They expand in every direction , butterflies and bees …. My delight  expresses itself in my love of creating  beauty . I paint , I sculpt , and – I love to make  magical Hats .

And what more of a delight  – my  strange fascination  with – Hats .

I believe in Hats . Hats that can change the way you look to the world , and  way you think , and the way the world sees you . Hats are objects of  power  , dreams and secrets are held there if they are special enough  , and  fantasy hats  are the best  if one’s intent is to make magic  . .

Fantasy hats  are always stitched by hand  and created with love  . .  they  have spells and incantations sewn in with their stitches . Fetishes and jewels hidden in silk seams  . They are like visible dreams and  spells put out to the world when one wears one … and can have great  power …  as every young girl knows  , and as does  every witch , and the wise  shaman ….

I love to wear , and to create Hats .

When one takes a chance – and steps out of a comfortable anonymous zone , one opens the doors …. Suddenly the veils fade , reality changes , so subtly , welcoming   whatever dreams you have been dreaming to step into your life …. A hat can transform its’ wearer …. i opening  doors , casting spells , and bring magic into your life .

Fantasy hat , custom order ,

Natasha Von

modelled by Julia   , a dancer with Kai Dance .

the little things …


small , but eloquent  Where would bigness be without the small ?

It is the detail that brings the smile , the finishing touch … the sense of whimsy .

ImageThe detail brings sparkle , the light  in the twinkle of an eye … the curl in the corner of a mouth … A love letter hidden in a bodice , and springtime  reflected in a young girl’s eyes … and a little hat – on a pretty girl’s head , especially in springtime , is a delicious delight . a little thing , but such an eloquent statement … A wonderful bit of whimsy … a lace collar , a jewel , or an artwork of  hat speaks , sings , and has a presence and personality all its own .

A small detail , and a small package perhaps , but with it comes  amazing style …A silk satin chapeau , pearl embellished , trimmed with ostrich feathers ,hand made and  fit for an heiress from the Great Gatsby Era , this little  detail creates magic as soon as it is put on . Perfect in lieu of a veil for a very modern retro bride …. and  for a Twenties style , Gatsby influenced wedding ensemble .

Available by custom order directly  from NatashaVon ,or on Etsy

Photographed and styled by the designer , and modeled here  by Julia Fairchild.

Glittering Gatsby , Modern Romantics

My dresses  and art with fashion have been  featured today  in an article on the modern resurgence of Twenties Style …Gowns

Cupid’s Arrow and a Bed of Roses


A Bed of Roses 

Thinking of you , I close my eyes , and I am lying back on a bed of roses , 

Their petals caress my skin , 

a sacrament of bliss . 

I sigh ,

the murmur of love escapes from my heart ,

juice escapes from the flower

 opening ,

and throbbing between my thighs ;

 sweet , like honey ,

my crystal nectar

 for the bee.

I dream a moment longer ,

And feel your kiss

 upon my lips .

Open to receive you ,

 a sacrament of bliss ,

nectar exchanged  from your lips

to mine ,

Your curls falling over my face  like tendrils  from a sacred vine .

 encircling me with the sweetest bondage  ,

for this ,


A love

divine .


 from , ” My Unchained Heart ” 

a compilation of poetry and prose ,

copyright , Natasha von Rosenschilde , 2013 

Cupid’s Arrow … A Gypsiy’s Love Song

ImageAngels dance , slowly lifting and dipping their wings .They are joined by their  cosmic reflections , mirrored as if in a celestial  kaleidoscope , and swirl in huge circles , casting rainbows of many colored lights  all around them when they smile  .  I feel their undulations inside my body  ,  and shudder with delight .My hips join them as I sway to the sound of a thousand imagined guitars . I undulate with the music  , feeling its’ sound like a ancient call. It is making my body want to move in big full circular curves . Big , rolling loops .


I want to write your  name in blazing arabesques  upon the sky . I see it now , before my eyes ; the  letters of your name  –  huge curling  tendrils ; silver and black on sky blue pink ,  painted with infinity . The letters  become Arabic calligraphy ‘ alive and moving , writing the names of all the lovers we have had since forever started , all the lovers who have lived , all the lovers who have died for love . And each name turns into a paisley from a cosmic  egg ;

  a psychedelic  Shamballa  all written on that sky .


 One paisley swirls , changing colors , and  becoming  another ; merging  with another name, and they all keep on swirling  into each other ; creating new universes as they meet , dance , and multiply .


I close my eyes ,


In the end ,

 they all become your name .

in praise of your beauty .

Forever emblazoned on the sky .

Your name is love .

And all sounds become one .

The song of the stars ,


 your name .

And I can hear it

Throughout the heavens ,

As it resounds

Through my heart ,

And the angels all sing it ,;

Your name is love ,

And you are my lover ,

Our dance makes the Earth smile ,

And the heavens

As they

dance ,

and the guitar sings .

Our name


love .





Fractals , I believe ….

My body reflects them ;

 I am all made up of fractals .

 The paisleys now swirl inside of me as well , and I continue to dance for you .

Swirling , the movement is a genie  and takes over my body .


I must remember to light candles

 for the souls

of the dancers

 and all the lovers

who have danced,

and who have died

 in the name


love .

English: Image demonstrating the Sini script o...

English: Image demonstrating the Sini script of Islamic Calligraphy Typefaces are ineligible for copyright in the United States. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Elegant Gypsy ; a portrait in red and black

Natasha Elegant GypsyieslastsmallOur eyes are dazzled and blinded when we see red …  The color speaks to us of love  and passion , warming the chill of February with its glowing fire, as does a red silk rose on a black fox hat worn by an elegant gypsy  Black lace  adorned with antique jet and rubies drapes her shoulders . . Red roses speak of passionate hearts and love on fire … The red silk skirt speaks of a wild rich sensuality  , and brings us to the contemplatio of desire . Is it the beauty of the color red that provokes passion and desire , or is it desire  itself that makes us see red .

A  portrait of a lady  in red and black … mysterious , modern and elegant , yet  somehow timeless and  tribal  . Black lace and velvet, red silk billowing in a wide ruched skirt over black leather , high heeled boots , and a black fox , Russian style hat  lined with red satin  , embellished with a  red  silk rose … Classic romance  celebrated for Valentine’s Day  by a true modern romantic ; an elegant gypsy .

Portrait of the  artist in red and black , Natasha Von  is shown  wearing  her own designs . .Natasha Elegant Gypsy. 2013 351

Shining out the Light ….

A joyous Solstice and Holiday Season to all , and a Glowing Yule  .. keep the faith .. and   keep shining out the light …with love .
julieangelfox5Julie , in the sky with amber and golden jewels … a hand carved honey amber heart , encased in silver arabesques and curls , sits in her fingers , capturing the light , and shining it outwards … On her finger , she wears a golden Lion , hand made and one of a kind , a sculpture in gold  made by an artist’s hand , and cast . Pearls and coral jewels bedeck her crown , and a young deer’s  antlers gathered by the native hunters in the forests of  Quebec  pay  homage to the woodland Goddess who protects  all animals and woodland spirits .

Hat and jewellry  hand made to order by Natasha Von ….available through Etsy … contact us for more information .