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Chapeaux Fantastiques

My fantasy HATS … and Headdresses… Magical creations, each one is a small and unique work of art. Some are made entirely with natural elements and flowers like fairy wreaths Others are for city wear, weddings and special occasions. Created with love and and embellished with silk faux flowers, pearls and threads they are made to order and each is a a celebration of the joys of spring… a Chapeau Fantastique !


Enchanted May

I stroll through the pink rain of the cherry trees . Walking through the rain of pink petals , I remember so many springs , and the spell of love cast under  cherry tree clouds  , to kisses blessed by the blowing petals .  Blossoms and the crazy  rush of beauty that is Spring take my breath away …cheri esplanade-1and love blooms , blessed by the  softness of this perfect storm . Killing me softly …. until resurrected by another love , and another Spring  .DSC_3477

the little things …


small , but eloquent  Where would bigness be without the small ?

It is the detail that brings the smile , the finishing touch … the sense of whimsy .

ImageThe detail brings sparkle , the light  in the twinkle of an eye … the curl in the corner of a mouth … A love letter hidden in a bodice , and springtime  reflected in a young girl’s eyes … and a little hat – on a pretty girl’s head , especially in springtime , is a delicious delight . a little thing , but such an eloquent statement … A wonderful bit of whimsy … a lace collar , a jewel , or an artwork of  hat speaks , sings , and has a presence and personality all its own .

A small detail , and a small package perhaps , but with it comes  amazing style …A silk satin chapeau , pearl embellished , trimmed with ostrich feathers ,hand made and  fit for an heiress from the Great Gatsby Era , this little  detail creates magic as soon as it is put on . Perfect in lieu of a veil for a very modern retro bride …. and  for a Twenties style , Gatsby influenced wedding ensemble .

Available by custom order directly  from NatashaVon ,or on Etsy

Photographed and styled by the designer , and modeled here  by Julia Fairchild.

Glittering Gatsby , Modern Romantics

My dresses  and art with fashion have been  featured today  in an article on the modern resurgence of Twenties Style …Gowns

Cupid’s Arrow and a Bed of Roses


A Bed of Roses 

Thinking of you , I close my eyes , and I am lying back on a bed of roses , 

Their petals caress my skin , 

a sacrament of bliss . 

I sigh ,

the murmur of love escapes from my heart ,

juice escapes from the flower

 opening ,

and throbbing between my thighs ;

 sweet , like honey ,

my crystal nectar

 for the bee.

I dream a moment longer ,

And feel your kiss

 upon my lips .

Open to receive you ,

 a sacrament of bliss ,

nectar exchanged  from your lips

to mine ,

Your curls falling over my face  like tendrils  from a sacred vine .

 encircling me with the sweetest bondage  ,

for this ,


A love

divine .


 from , ” My Unchained Heart ” 

a compilation of poetry and prose ,

copyright , Natasha von Rosenschilde , 2013 

Elegant Gypsy ; a portrait in red and black

Natasha Elegant GypsyieslastsmallOur eyes are dazzled and blinded when we see red …  The color speaks to us of love  and passion , warming the chill of February with its glowing fire, as does a red silk rose on a black fox hat worn by an elegant gypsy  Black lace  adorned with antique jet and rubies drapes her shoulders . . Red roses speak of passionate hearts and love on fire … The red silk skirt speaks of a wild rich sensuality  , and brings us to the contemplatio of desire . Is it the beauty of the color red that provokes passion and desire , or is it desire  itself that makes us see red .

A  portrait of a lady  in red and black … mysterious , modern and elegant , yet  somehow timeless and  tribal  . Black lace and velvet, red silk billowing in a wide ruched skirt over black leather , high heeled boots , and a black fox , Russian style hat  lined with red satin  , embellished with a  red  silk rose … Classic romance  celebrated for Valentine’s Day  by a true modern romantic ; an elegant gypsy .

Portrait of the  artist in red and black , Natasha Von  is shown  wearing  her own designs . .Natasha Elegant Gypsy. 2013 351

Mysteries of the Golden Heart …

 The Mysteries of the Golden Heart compel and whisper , leading us into places of glowing amber light …. we must simply close our eyes , trusting , surrender  and follow …

Holding the golden , glowing amber heart on a long golden chain , and letting it lead her forward ,Julie  felt herself enter another  dimension or what could be a parallel world .

She felt a warm glow around her , and opened her eyes  to find herself in a luminous place , full of golden light .

Mysteries of the Golden Heart ...

Shining out the Light ….

A joyous Solstice and Holiday Season to all , and a Glowing Yule  .. keep the faith .. and   keep shining out the light …with love .
julieangelfox5Julie , in the sky with amber and golden jewels … a hand carved honey amber heart , encased in silver arabesques and curls , sits in her fingers , capturing the light , and shining it outwards … On her finger , she wears a golden Lion , hand made and one of a kind , a sculpture in gold  made by an artist’s hand , and cast . Pearls and coral jewels bedeck her crown , and a young deer’s  antlers gathered by the native hunters in the forests of  Quebec  pay  homage to the woodland Goddess who protects  all animals and woodland spirits .

Hat and jewellry  hand made to order by Natasha Von ….available through Etsy … contact us for more information .

An Eccentric Yule …

Winter Solstice draws near . The holiday spirit makes us sparkle and glow , bringing light to the dark nights with the warmth of our hearts and  loves .

Rich velvets and embroideries , romantic silks , antique laces and satins gleam in the  warm , afternoon light , adorning a retro and timeless woman , a Zhivagoesque Julie , shown dressed in Custom Couture fantasies designed  by Natasha Von .

Hand made , each Chapeau is unique , and one of a kind … as is each garment .

Perfectly beautiful , glowing  in the  spirit of  Yule …  the fanciful whimsy of the sumptuous hats and couture fantasies  make  fashion a work of timeless art , and bring the joy of a personal theater to our lives …

And what better time than Christmas for tradition to mix with fantasy , and to celebrate times gone by ,  – with a delicious quixotic spin  or  two ?Or the New Year , to bring joyous delight , and whimsical magic into the year to come ?

And in the spirit of an Enchanted Holiday ,  this charming duo , true Modern Romantics , are doing it right , and starting early !

Mlle. Julie , our lovely model  glows in lace and velvet , styled and created by Miss Natasha Von , with love …. Julie’s mysterious admirer , M. Gerard , ready for New Year’s Eve , and dashing as always , both masked and unmasked , wears a lace jabot , sequin trimmed shirt  by Natasha Von ,  Custom Creations , Chapeaux Fantastiques …

Perfectly beautiful , in the spirit of Yule …

A Hat for each Occasion …


From a perfect Christmas dinner , wearing a hand embroidered velvet and fur Russian style Hat ,

And  a black velvet and sparkling rhinestone Hat called Black Magic ,  a perfect fantasy  in the spirit of New Year’s  Eve ….

All furs are lovingly restored , recycled , and recreated Canadian pieces .