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Heart Song

The Moon and Jupiter are kissing in the sky in Libra, ruled by Venus the Goddess of Love. Uranus the Electric Planet opposes the two so we can expect some wild and crazy love, with Mars in Pisces. Water needs to flow, and this is powerful watery emotion – use it wisely. There is a Grand Cross in the heavens. Become fluid, embrace the flow. Make art, dance and sing. Singing lets the love flow and you can share it, so the world becomes a better place… Keep the faith, sing your heart’s song, and share the love…

The Cosmic Heart with Doves….new work, recently completed, below.


Two Dragons; a JAZZ RAP Fairy tale, for Grownups…

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CREATED  with the Sweet Soul Lovers, This is the story of Two DRAGONS….a spoken word fantasy – a fairy tale for grownups, with a wonderful chill groove -by L. Kolasa,  the superb sax stylings of Steve Hall, my lyrics and  jazz rap, together with vocals by Antonio Messum and background vocals, Gerard Myers..

It was a magical night… The music came spilling out and the lyrics  spontaneously flowed,  inspired by Steve Hall on saxophone, blowing a sweet storm into the skies… I love it when that happens…. ” And then, the Dragons kissed – so sweetly;  and a New Star was born…..” A jazz – rap; improvisational fairy tale from the Sweet Soul Lovers…Dragonkisses  tantricloversmlstamp