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The Lovers

Titania and Oberon, the Fairy Lovers unite, and Spring blossoms with their passion.

Angels among Us…

They appear from nowhere, stepping out of the mist along the water’s edge… Wings slightly tattered she stood on the shore, looking out to the gentle infinity of blue. When she looked at me I saw it in her eyes – reflected. She stood there and focused her gazer slowly upon me. Light radiated from her face, the third eye in her forehead, and her flaming hair. I stood silent , gently absorbing her radiance.


I  can only be thankful I was there at that moment. I followed her walking along the beach. I watched as she danced, the two of us alone on the shore as the birds swooped around her, like music. we were connected as if by a psychic thread, a while glowing string that pulled me along as she walked….I followed her further, walking through the places no one walks, abandoned warehouses and a shoreline that skirted the grey city as if sh e were a mermaid who had found both feet and wings..

We walked, her movements connected somehow to my heart with that glowing but invisible string pulling me along, as if I could walk over water. I wondered where she was going, and where she would take me; where she lived and if she would walk gently over top the silvery water of the lake. Nothing seemed real and nothing seemed impossible. She looked as if she had walked out of time, stepping through centuries or decades at will, with her black boots and her wings carrying her. Her black coat was long and old. Trimmed with fur and wide skirted, swirling its heavy skirts in the wind as she moved in her joyous circles, its sleeves covering her hands that flashed white like her face. She could have stepped from any time or place… Medieval England, Victorian Ireland, she could have been the original Strega de Buonaventura, or a salem witch… her beauty was rich – half spirit and half earthling.She walked as a spirit among us, half flesh and half an electric being of light , her cells were oscillating wave lengths  filled with rainbows of light. I saw them when I looked into her clear, almost transparent aqua eyes. . The radiance was  blinding.

Darkness was falling quickly. The moon was in perigree, full and about to rise. She was hurrying somewhere, taking me with her.. The lake and city spread before us across the lake. I watched the sun set through the darkness of her silhouetted wings.

Angels appear as messengers, harbingers of change at times when we are most sensitive, when the veils thin and we can  see the angels and spirits that walk amongst us … She  glowed with light and fire, mirroring the sunset.  I watched them both fade as she became a chameleon, her skin slowly merging with the colours in the sky until it turned into darkness, and she disappeared into the early winter night.

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Chapeaux Fantastiques

My fantasy HATS … and Headdresses… Magical creations, each one is a small and unique work of art. Some are made entirely with natural elements and flowers like fairy wreaths Others are for city wear, weddings and special occasions. Created with love and and embellished with silk faux flowers, pearls and threads they are made to order and each is a a celebration of the joys of spring… a Chapeau Fantastique !


Peresephone … the descent …

Peresephone  , Descending

Peresephone , Descending



Peresephone  , Descending Peresephone , Descending  

L’AMOUR , Baby …

L'AMOUR , Baby ...

What the world needs now ….

Libra , faces of the Goddess

Joannepastelwgiteciye copyAll grace and taste ,  Libra, ruled by Venus  charms us all with her refinements and her beauty … JoannacutieWhitesmallCultivated ,  lovely like an orchid ,  she  shines  out her love as the seasons change and  perfect equilibrium reigns for a blessed moment  on Earth as day and night are balanced in time . JOANNAFinal1

Spring makes my head spin … and the doors open

ImageDizzy , I talk to trees and daisies ,  awestruck by the miracle of  a new spring , one more time .Each spring  is  a miracle to me  , and reborm, ideas flow through my head , swirling until I hear them like melodies , and I want to dance ; but they all want to fly . They expand in every direction , butterflies and bees …. My delight  expresses itself in my love of creating  beauty . I paint , I sculpt , and – I love to make  magical Hats .

And what more of a delight  – my  strange fascination  with – Hats .

I believe in Hats . Hats that can change the way you look to the world , and  way you think , and the way the world sees you . Hats are objects of  power  , dreams and secrets are held there if they are special enough  , and  fantasy hats  are the best  if one’s intent is to make magic  . .

Fantasy hats  are always stitched by hand  and created with love  . .  they  have spells and incantations sewn in with their stitches . Fetishes and jewels hidden in silk seams  . They are like visible dreams and  spells put out to the world when one wears one … and can have great  power …  as every young girl knows  , and as does  every witch , and the wise  shaman ….

I love to wear , and to create Hats .

When one takes a chance – and steps out of a comfortable anonymous zone , one opens the doors …. Suddenly the veils fade , reality changes , so subtly , welcoming   whatever dreams you have been dreaming to step into your life …. A hat can transform its’ wearer …. i opening  doors , casting spells , and bring magic into your life .

Fantasy hat , custom order ,

Natasha Von

modelled by Julia   , a dancer with Kai Dance .

Glittering Gatsby , Modern Romantics

My dresses  and art with fashion have been  featured today  in an article on the modern resurgence of Twenties Style …Gowns

Dancing – Hip Hop style Antonio T . and Kai Dance

Dancers …. they give us a taste of the sublime , stretching their body and spirit  , they stretch our minds and imaginations . Their inner rhythms reflect  our yearnings ,  and speak our dreams dancing them outwards  to the world   with their grace , and dedication to  their art . Very , very Samurai  in many ways  …  like the cherry blossoms , they are fearless  in their early  springtime , and their beauty .

_DSC8143Portraits of  the  Hip Hop dancer , and young choreographer Antonio T. Messum , shown here  focused , and at rest , but getting ready to rock and groove your world with his fluidity and  wit  . He is amazing – on a dance floor , and in a work out studio  teaching his own style of dance fitness geared towards a fun , young  audience , and alive with energy  and an internal flame that burns so bright – it is contagious . _DSC8088
That flame shines through the eyes , and  is what I strive to capture whenever I shoot Antonio , or any  portrait .  I go for spirit .  And let it flow , or blaze or shine . Or radiate . Antonio’s spirit simply blazes  in these new shots , and  lights up my lens  here , yet  again . _DSC8098

Elegant Gypsy ; a portrait in red and black

Natasha Elegant GypsyieslastsmallOur eyes are dazzled and blinded when we see red …  The color speaks to us of love  and passion , warming the chill of February with its glowing fire, as does a red silk rose on a black fox hat worn by an elegant gypsy  Black lace  adorned with antique jet and rubies drapes her shoulders . . Red roses speak of passionate hearts and love on fire … The red silk skirt speaks of a wild rich sensuality  , and brings us to the contemplatio of desire . Is it the beauty of the color red that provokes passion and desire , or is it desire  itself that makes us see red .

A  portrait of a lady  in red and black … mysterious , modern and elegant , yet  somehow timeless and  tribal  . Black lace and velvet, red silk billowing in a wide ruched skirt over black leather , high heeled boots , and a black fox , Russian style hat  lined with red satin  , embellished with a  red  silk rose … Classic romance  celebrated for Valentine’s Day  by a true modern romantic ; an elegant gypsy .

Portrait of the  artist in red and black , Natasha Von  is shown  wearing  her own designs . .Natasha Elegant Gypsy. 2013 351