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The Lovers

Titania and Oberon, the Fairy Lovers unite, and Spring blossoms with their passion.

Chapeaux Fantastiques

My fantasy HATS … and Headdresses… Magical creations, each one is a small and unique work of art. Some are made entirely with natural elements and flowers like fairy wreaths Others are for city wear, weddings and special occasions. Created with love and and embellished with silk faux flowers, pearls and threads they are made to order and each is a a celebration of the joys of spring… a Chapeau Fantastique !


The Year of the Phoenix…

goldenshakti-goddesswingwebtinyPhoenixes and Angels; both rise up to Heaven… A bronze cast from a wax original, standing four feet tall, my sculpture, “Golden Shakti”is photographed here against  a painted detail of an abstracted wing. Rising up from the flames into a golden sky,  reborn and crowned with gold, the Goddess is rising like a Phoenix. Rising up from the ashes of our own self immolation, we feel the planets collectively as Uranus in Aries, wild and willful, opposes Saturn in steady Capricorn. We feel the desire for freedom and for truth as the Feminine arises empowered refusing to be restricted and restrained. Venus, the Goddess of love and Chiron the Healer are meeting in the sign of Pisces in their yearly embrace. A wave of compassion, a rising up of the Feminine is spreading, healing pain with solace and releasing love to the world from the collective feminine heart. Angels will be rising like Phoenixes in their flames – the Year of the Fire Cock is coming, giving us the rare opportunity to rise up like a Phoenix and fly.


June Roses

ROSEangelaOdalisquetiny2Blessing us with their beauty, the roses bloom, celebrating Midsummer. Regardless of the madness of our human world and the aspects of the stars. they whisper love as summer graces our world once again… filling me with inspiration.Roses

Black Spring

Persephone is still in darkness, here…  in the North. Our bodies and hearts yearn for her and we pray for her emergence…FloraJoblcklasttinyStruggling to break through into the light, she is surrounded by flowers and tendrils and roots, coming alive all around her. She breathes love and fire  into the black earth, incubating life with her sighs and  her breath.

.This image is part of a series  I have been working on of the Goddesses and the Seasons…Created with photographic imagery,painting and digitalization.

All rights reserved.



The Rainbow Angel

RainbowangeltinywebA new palette is bursting through in my new work… and the Angel of the Rainbow appears …Her heart is suspended, exposed with spreading wings, inviting us to believe in miracles  like a rainbow after the storm… A digital psychedelic icon; a messenger of love and hope in a fast changing world, her radiant beauty expands my perception, breaking through with rainbows of light.

Libra and Pisces in the Boudoir…

Libra and Pisces make the best photographers and models, I think… Both are double signs and are so sensitive to the other. Libra’s love of harmony becomes an easy flow of give and take, and they create an aura of beauty around themselves and whatever they touch. Pisces intuits and brings out the inner dreams of a subject as a photographer or morphs into any fantasy as a model… This  is a perfect time to indulge in the pleasures of a romantic, boudoir photo shoot. Venus seduces us so cleverly in Aquarius, unique, eccentric  and somewhat detached, while Neptune in Pisces takes us on a flight of dreamy and muted passion. Lit by the Pisces Sun, our spirits opened by Neptune can soar in dreamy flight through a voluptuous sky flowing with grace… Our lens becomes all soft focus now as we flow  with beauty in a cloud of  Pisces love…Angellegsinsatintiny

The Goddess in Red…

JennGoddessinRedsmShe emerges into the frozen world, piercing the veils with her woman’s passion, red robes spilling with roses onto snow.

Painting passion … Sun, Jupiter in Leo …

Large and bold … full of passion , yet soft , and  full of light … my new paintings reflect the powerful conjunction in Leo of the Sun, Mercury and Jupiter …  This large new painting – large scale abstract  – full of movement and a sense of peaceful flowing expansion… perfect for a dramatic large space and modern design, to decorate a lobby, large modern loft or home…Tashaturbandreaming
Cosmologies are evolving… a new quartet… Sun, Jupiter , Mercury glow together with passion – in Leo the Lion … the painting reflects the energy … started at the Leo New Moon … and completed with the Aquarius Full moon… A quartet of canvasses-their combined size – 6 by 8 feet. A feeling of dreams and passion with a deep intensity that  smoulders beneath the surface … Mars in Scorpio … mixed media, acrylics and oils .. May be ordered in varied sizes,wonderful as a large print. My images can now be ordered as large as 20 feet wide … or simply as large as the originals !

Please contact me for further information or inquiries regarding commissioned works or reproductions.

Traveling in Style … a Royal Ride

There he was ..

waitingImage  for me .

Elegant , a warm smile on his face …  We were going for a ride .  A long one . It was a surprise . Just fell into myImage

lap … A  drive  somewhere … destination unknown … ” Forget your worries …  Just dress for a magical ride , very old school style …” was all he had said . As an afterthought , he added , ”  We will driving in the  Queen Mum’s car … ”

It was  Sterling , a mysterious and elegant man . I liked  to call him my gentleman friend . He  made me feel very old fashioned . I like that . He was a charmer , and loved fine , fine cars ,  and  …. stylish ladies …  and loved them in combination . He was calling  me out of the blue  as he often did , to take me for a spin ,  and  I was always  ready …  He had that way about him .  .

The day was summer heaven . I dressed with care  ,  loving that sparkle  that went off in his eyes like crazy thunderbllts  whenever  he saw me . I knew he would be impeccable … He was  quite the dandy ._DSC6747

What adventure awaited me today ?  I wondered  as I chose my clothes  , Pearls ,  a  charcoal grey suit , a vintage sequined sweater circa 1957,  , same era as the car , and white lace sandals  with very  high heels .

We were traveling back in time .  And  iit was beautiful …  I could simply sit back , and sail away with the breeze from the lake , and let the sun caress my face as we  drove . Sterling was taking care of everything . The car  sparkled , like the day .  A 1953 Daimler , once owned by the Queen Mother … it had known some glory in days gone by .

He was taking me to high tea some where very  special , he said ….  Sweeping me away , white horse and all .  I stepped into the  car …  interesting , the feel  of very old , very special automobiles . seems to make my head spin  ..  and we  drove into a world gone by . He sang  as we drove ,  singing jazz hits of  years gone by  .  I sat back , listening , my mind meandering like his songs . Old fashioned . Black and white movies . were  going through my head . And the glory of summer as we drove down to the  lake . He sang , ” Volare , ” and then would change it up , and sing  old tunes he loved . I let the wind  play with my hair , and the sun kiss me . _DSC6728_2_2_2

We were  in a time capsule now , or making our own …  Antique  cars are like magic carpets …. or genies ….  and any thing can happen …..  especially with Sterling at the wheel ….   The Windsor Arms , perhaps ?