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The Year of the Phoenix…

goldenshakti-goddesswingwebtinyPhoenixes and Angels; both rise up to Heaven… A bronze cast from a wax original, standing four feet tall, my sculpture, “Golden Shakti”is photographed here against  a painted detail of an abstracted wing. Rising up from the flames into a golden sky,  reborn and crowned with gold, the Goddess is rising like a Phoenix. Rising up from the ashes of our own self immolation, we feel the planets collectively as Uranus in Aries, wild and willful, opposes Saturn in steady Capricorn. We feel the desire for freedom and for truth as the Feminine arises empowered refusing to be restricted and restrained. Venus, the Goddess of love and Chiron the Healer are meeting in the sign of Pisces in their yearly embrace. A wave of compassion, a rising up of the Feminine is spreading, healing pain with solace and releasing love to the world from the collective feminine heart. Angels will be rising like Phoenixes in their flames – the Year of the Fire Cock is coming, giving us the rare opportunity to rise up like a Phoenix and fly.


Inside … Music in my Heart

Image   Music is flowing around me , Neptune smiling upon my Mermaid heart . I feel it , hear it , write the words that will be songs , and hear them without words .

The lovers unite . They sing , and they dance …. Ecstatic . Seeking the amrita – the Nectar , they follow their inner stars , seeking hearts that will receive them . Hearts aflame and on fire . With love . We must hold to our vision . Open the heart like a flower … to release the attar … the perfume that is sublime …. the essence of our inner flower . We must not lose the vision . The petals open slowly . We must keep dancing . And singing  the praises of love . If our hearts close, we will lose our breath , our blood , or life , our beauty ….

The light must be nurtured within … the flame kept alive inside our hearts … eternal .

Aurora Borealis – Morning Star , and a few other selections from the Aurora Borealis Project  Album , may be heard on my newly set up music  site  on  Reverbnation … Songs are available for purchase and

Northern Lights 06/29/2013

Northern Lights 06/29/2013 (Photo credit: Rhianimal)

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