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FLAMEDANCER – a new fantasy fiction series

My  two novellas are now released and available at Amazon for Kindle. They are unusual love stories about magic, mysticism… and Alchemy. I will be designing the print books next, and am completing, and creating illustrations.

Flamdancer... the series...Natasha Von

Flamdancer… the series…Natasha Von



http://www.amazon.com/author/natashavon  They will be available soon in illustrated editions.

Books, Illustrations, and Vampires…

Flamedancercover2sm8I am completing the first books in my fantasy fiction series,” FLAMEDANCER.” Now wondering, should I include illustrations…even just a few …? Being an artist, many people are requesting them…..and I too, am so wanting to create magical visions- books  full of fantasy images,but the writing has me fully immersed… I am torn… I feel they add so much… but it is so much more challenging to lay out books with images… and costly as well… should I remain digital, or plan to design them for print…?