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Aurora Borealis , Morning Star … Sensitive …

Her petals unfurled .

ImageBlinded by the light , she became it . Pulsating through her , every cell electric .Her body was flying . No longer a body , but a being of light .  One with starlight , she sailed forth , free like a song that was on its’ way to Heaven …

Sensitive to variations of energy perceived as colour and light …vaulting through time , space and into a realm of what she perceived as Heaven all her senses became electrified .

” I am the Aurora Borealis ,  kissing the Morning Star ,  ”  she thought to herself , feeling her spirit expand , getting wider , and wider , brighter and brighter .

She was made up of starlight .

Her heart was music … opening like a thousand petalled Lotus in the throes of cosmic love … She melted into it , and expanded into the waves of light that flooded her body .. The wings were growing . They pushed through her  flesh , rising from her glowing  heart .

Looking down at her body , she saw gold . WHere there was flesh before , there was shining light , It was reflecting the starlight . Dazzling , it was like liquid light , reflecting in all directions .

She saw her flesh was turning into scales . Ten thousand rainbows of light were searing through her spirit body .

She was becoming  – a Dragon . ImagePlease visit my  music site on Reverbnation  to hear the Aurora Borealis ensemble and some of my musical work .


peace  ,

Natasha Von

all art , writing , and music copyright Natasha von Rosenschilde , 2013

Journey… Spirit Dance

ImageWe enter the City of Love,

You  touch me , electric ,

The heavens open ,

and we dance ,

The gates of Paradise  fling  wide  ,

the Sun and Moon sing in unison with the stars .

I moan , and see the sea swirl beneath us , as your wings unfold

And dance me higher ,

holding me up ,

high in your arms

until my heart and mind explode ,

blasting the barriers of flesh and skin ,

until flying ,

we enter the City.

Shining golden ,

The City of Love ..

Time stops ,

our wings grow ,

yours  large , and strong ,

grey streaked silver ,

burnished steel flecked with  gold,Image

The  rays of  your heart , and mine unchained  , are golden ,

like the Dawn ,

They take us upwards ,

flying ever higher , until the Heavens open , and revolve around us .

Majesty  unfolds ,

we cross the borders of the worlds ,

one by one ,

until ,

I fly ,

shaking ,

seared through and through with starlight .

You pierce  me with your Angel Fire ,.

I moan again , in ecstasy

I speak in tongues  of light, ,

gold and silver ,

celestial harmonies embrace us ,

for we are dancing ,

our souls  emblazoned ,

with the mark o f Angels ,

and we are dancing ,

seared through and through with starlight ,


in the City of Love .

Natasha Von Rosenschilde  copyright , City of Love 2013 , art and writing , all rights reserved .

Spring makes my head spin … and the doors open

ImageDizzy , I talk to trees and daisies ,  awestruck by the miracle of  a new spring , one more time .Each spring  is  a miracle to me  , and reborm, ideas flow through my head , swirling until I hear them like melodies , and I want to dance ; but they all want to fly . They expand in every direction , butterflies and bees …. My delight  expresses itself in my love of creating  beauty . I paint , I sculpt , and – I love to make  magical Hats .

And what more of a delight  – my  strange fascination  with – Hats .

I believe in Hats . Hats that can change the way you look to the world , and  way you think , and the way the world sees you . Hats are objects of  power  , dreams and secrets are held there if they are special enough  , and  fantasy hats  are the best  if one’s intent is to make magic  . .

Fantasy hats  are always stitched by hand  and created with love  . .  they  have spells and incantations sewn in with their stitches . Fetishes and jewels hidden in silk seams  . They are like visible dreams and  spells put out to the world when one wears one … and can have great  power …  as every young girl knows  , and as does  every witch , and the wise  shaman ….

I love to wear , and to create Hats .

When one takes a chance – and steps out of a comfortable anonymous zone , one opens the doors …. Suddenly the veils fade , reality changes , so subtly , welcoming   whatever dreams you have been dreaming to step into your life …. A hat can transform its’ wearer …. i opening  doors , casting spells , and bring magic into your life .

Fantasy hat , custom order ,

Natasha Von

modelled by Julia   , a dancer with Kai Dance .