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L’AMOUR , Baby …

L'AMOUR , Baby ...

What the world needs now ….

The Mysteries of a Lunar Eclipse …

_DSC5822The Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio , as seen through a Scorpio’s eyes … Eclipses bring an ending , and a new beginning . We must surrender the past , and go forth with joy , blessed by the polarity of this Eclipse , and step into Springtime , shedding our skins ….like  a snake .  _DSC5817_3

The mysteries of a Lunar Eclipse are reflected in a young man’s eyes … blonde lashes caught as if by silver moonlight  . Scorpio  contemplating the  world  … as the eclipse touches us , and especially all scorpios by releasing us from the threads that hold us to the past , and opens doors of new beginnings .

Sebastian , a Scorpio ,  is wearing one of my treasures – a golden Lion ring  that, like the snakeskin mask  he wears ,  can be made to order , in gold , or silver  . Available  through me directly , or can be ordered  through  Custommade.com

Modern Romantics … a Twenties Style Bride


This dreamy fantasy of a wedding gown by Natasha Von in a Gatsbyesque style brings us back the era of the Twenties and the Great Gatsby with delicate re-embroidered lace finished with silk , ribbons and beads , and a silk satin ostrich feather trimmed hand made rose chapeau . Sweet nostalgia , just in time for Spring , and glamourous flapper inspired weddings , and of course the fabulous fashions of the era , coming back with the release of the upcoming film ; a very contemporary Great Gatsby .

Cupid’s Arrow and a Bed of Roses


A Bed of Roses 

Thinking of you , I close my eyes , and I am lying back on a bed of roses , 

Their petals caress my skin , 

a sacrament of bliss . 

I sigh ,

the murmur of love escapes from my heart ,

juice escapes from the flower

 opening ,

and throbbing between my thighs ;

 sweet , like honey ,

my crystal nectar

 for the bee.

I dream a moment longer ,

And feel your kiss

 upon my lips .

Open to receive you ,

 a sacrament of bliss ,

nectar exchanged  from your lips

to mine ,

Your curls falling over my face  like tendrils  from a sacred vine .

 encircling me with the sweetest bondage  ,

for this ,


A love

divine .


 from , ” My Unchained Heart ” 

a compilation of poetry and prose ,

copyright , Natasha von Rosenschilde , 2013 

Elegant Gypsy ; a portrait in red and black

Natasha Elegant GypsyieslastsmallOur eyes are dazzled and blinded when we see red …  The color speaks to us of love  and passion , warming the chill of February with its glowing fire, as does a red silk rose on a black fox hat worn by an elegant gypsy  Black lace  adorned with antique jet and rubies drapes her shoulders . . Red roses speak of passionate hearts and love on fire … The red silk skirt speaks of a wild rich sensuality  , and brings us to the contemplatio of desire . Is it the beauty of the color red that provokes passion and desire , or is it desire  itself that makes us see red .

A  portrait of a lady  in red and black … mysterious , modern and elegant , yet  somehow timeless and  tribal  . Black lace and velvet, red silk billowing in a wide ruched skirt over black leather , high heeled boots , and a black fox , Russian style hat  lined with red satin  , embellished with a  red  silk rose … Classic romance  celebrated for Valentine’s Day  by a true modern romantic ; an elegant gypsy .

Portrait of the  artist in red and black , Natasha Von  is shown  wearing  her own designs . .Natasha Elegant Gypsy. 2013 351

An Eccentric Yule …

Winter Solstice draws near . The holiday spirit makes us sparkle and glow , bringing light to the dark nights with the warmth of our hearts and  loves .

Rich velvets and embroideries , romantic silks , antique laces and satins gleam in the  warm , afternoon light , adorning a retro and timeless woman , a Zhivagoesque Julie , shown dressed in Custom Couture fantasies designed  by Natasha Von .

Hand made , each Chapeau is unique , and one of a kind … as is each garment .

Perfectly beautiful , glowing  in the  spirit of  Yule …  the fanciful whimsy of the sumptuous hats and couture fantasies  make  fashion a work of timeless art , and bring the joy of a personal theater to our lives …

And what better time than Christmas for tradition to mix with fantasy , and to celebrate times gone by ,  – with a delicious quixotic spin  or  two ?Or the New Year , to bring joyous delight , and whimsical magic into the year to come ?

And in the spirit of an Enchanted Holiday ,  this charming duo , true Modern Romantics , are doing it right , and starting early !

Mlle. Julie , our lovely model  glows in lace and velvet , styled and created by Miss Natasha Von , with love …. Julie’s mysterious admirer , M. Gerard , ready for New Year’s Eve , and dashing as always , both masked and unmasked , wears a lace jabot , sequin trimmed shirt  by Natasha Von ,  Custom Creations , Chapeaux Fantastiques …

Perfectly beautiful , in the spirit of Yule …

A Hat for each Occasion …


From a perfect Christmas dinner , wearing a hand embroidered velvet and fur Russian style Hat ,

And  a black velvet and sparkling rhinestone Hat called Black Magic ,  a perfect fantasy  in the spirit of New Year’s  Eve ….

All furs are lovingly restored , recycled , and recreated Canadian pieces .

The Mysterious Magic of the Color Purple …

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The mysterious color purple seduces our eyes and spirits … Redolent of secrets, regal and seductive, it enchants us  and we flow into its mystery. Merging  passion and the mystic in the mix of red and blue, seductive and deep…  A  slightly other worldly  aura accompanies the one who wears it, exuded by the lovely lady photographed in this exquisite dress, hand beaded and worthy of a princess from a time long past…  This evening gown that is a work of art, embroidered on the artist’s drawings , line by line and stick by stitch… lovingly created by a team of 5 artisans, then stitched by hand for Natasha Von .

Custom Evening Wear , NatashaVon , available on Etsy ….