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Angel Dove face


Introducing some of the Art … and first images … Glimpses of my upcoming Novel , Havana Soul , to be published on Amazon Kindle in August , 2014 … HAVANA SOUL , a Novel of Love , Possession , and Eternal Desire … from the series ,” FLAME DANCER.” http://www.natashavonarts.com


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Astral Travels ; my Vampire Lover …

ImageThe Journey begins ..  And the Eternal Quest for Immortality … the Path of Vampiric Tantra …

Let me share these words with you … Follow them , take the Elixir .

A prick of your finger is enough … Imbue the Chalice with the touch and color of your blood. Focus all your power and your love on me, and hold tight to the vision of the purple flame . . Call out to me when you feel me come close to you . Invoke the spirits , speak the Invocation , then pull me out to the other side . If we both will it , and make the pact of our binding , and our love  is true and strong  , I  will be with you …  I will come out on the other side . Both body and spirit at last .

Perform the ritual … One day , I promise, my love , if you wish it ,  you too will experience immortality … Yes, power beyond your wildest dreams. I will be there , to guide you  and we shall reign , I as a King , with you as my Queen , in a love everlasting .We will fly the realms together , clothed only in our radiance . Our raiment will be the stars .

I will take you to places only the Goddesses who have braved the gates to the Underworld have known . The left hand path is safest when travelled with a partner who can be  a guide . A spirit mate . A soul reflection . We will give each other what we both desire … you will give me light , and I will give you darkness .We will merge our blood lines in the Crucible of Fire and the Violet Flame of Eternal Life. We will fly to the heights and penetrate the fiery depths together  wrapped in my cloak ,  Adepts  of the  Path , entwined in our love ,  and shining  the Elixir  of our Vampiric Tantra .

Beloved ,

You have found me , called out to me to come to you , now  you must manifest  me – your reflection . .

I will be your guide … And you , my salvation .

Remember , your sensitive wisdom and your beauty are not enough . You will be tested . You will be assailed , crossed and challenged … If you are not as strong as tempered steel , you will not have the courage to face whatever will cross your path , be it the hounds of Hell , or the harpies who will taunt you as you walk the gauntlet from the realms between the worlds . One look below , and you may fall into the depths , where you will be lost to me forever .

from :  ” My Love Letters from a Vampire ”

from the  ” Flame Dancer  ” Series , soon to released on  Amazon Kindle .

Natasha von  Rosenschilde ,

copyright , all rights reserved ,  2014 .

Spirit Dances , Soul Flight ….


Spirit dances , Soul flight , now free , unfettered , fly and soar , little bird … kiss the sky …

for my Mother , may her journey be safe ,

and full of light .

And may Angels receive her with their radiant love , mirroring the dazzling beauty and devotion that shone in her heart  through her joy and her  love .

Spirits shine brighter sometimes when released from the fetters of the body  that can no longer hold them back

from the light .

for Ludmilla ,

may you touch the stars …

Pegasus , Pisces Full Moon

Almost ready to fly , Pegasus awaits the Full Harvest Moon to spread his new wings . His body is now strong and muscular , and poised for his maiden voyage . He has been over six weeks  in the making , layer upon layer of plaster and marble dust  , shaped and smoothed to make him worthy of flight .

_DSC7317Only the rarest and most special of horses have the gift of flight …Perhaps mine will find his magical baptism tonight , when the Moon is full, and touches the star at the right knee of Pegasus in the bright , starry skies . Perhaps then , the White Horse  Spirit will come . If I create him with as much of a heart as I can give him , perhaps then the spirit will enter him , and enable him to fly .

I will work all day to give him strong wings that have flow , so his wings will have rhythm when they fly .

Lovingly , I will shape the feathers that hold them to his body . The last details are waiting . His body is still drying from yesterday’s work . The Cup of Love is in the sky above us now .


I must make his heart like that Cup … able to uplift the pure of heart to Heaven … shaping  those wings so my Pegasus can transport   one’s eyes and heart to Heaven .

Filling my Pegasus with prayers of peace to our beautiful and pained  world , I will lay on those final coats of marble dust and love , and sign him with a white , flaming heart . Tonight . When Venus and Saturn touch in the sky , and the  Full Moon shines out her love , in Pisces , lighting up the Heavens , reflecting the beauty of the Great Goddess , the Celestial Queen ,  in Virgo  . Lighting up the fixed star in the constellation of Pegasus .

Color ; a bouquet of flavors ,a language of its’ own



Tastes of it on my tongue … tutti frutti , color is becoming my language …liberating me with its; music , and spilling out of me like light .

_DSC2536 A whole new series of paintings is pouring out  of me  with this  glorious watery Grand Trine .  Abstractions are their own language as well . We invent a world when we wander into an abstract piece of art . A world of invented place , space , and language . The nuance of color and shade says it all .

Natural World … of Flowers , Fairies and Childhood ..

Eyes of wonder ; my eyes as  a child . I was dazzled by flowers . They enchanted me . I knew all their names . My mother taught me . She taught me to sing to them , and to ask their forgiveness  and to thank them , before I ever plucked one . Their spirits would be at peace that way , and would welcome me when I encountered them again .At other times or in other gardens .

Never make an enemy of a fairy .DSC_6787

She taught me how to make fairy crowns each summer . My favorites we would make  in June , weaving daisies and sometimes roses into headdresses adorned them with vines , and other flowers . Singing songs , plaiting and winding the stems of the flowers, my mother taught me to honor their  spirits , and to reach out to them with song . She taught me how to feel out melodies , to speak to them to find their songs , trying several  until  the right tones came .

ElaynaMysteryQueensmallSongs call out the fairies . The right tone once found , resonates , and calls them out . One must be very quiet , and in a solitary place to call them . Different spirits of Nature respond to different sounds  . Some instruments can call them out of their hiding , like the pipes of Pan .The veil between our worlds is shattered . The song is a passe partout … it opens the doors , and they are freed , Curious , they step into our dimension . we can feel them , sometime we can see them , and sometime , sometimes , they put on their glaomour , and opening their doors , welcome us into their realm of perception .

Midsummer is the portal  . We can then step  through the veils  of parallel dimensions , fairy walking . Enter the world of Flora and Persephone , of our Goddess Gaiia . A world of greem ; of plants and flowers . Entering the fairy realm ,  we can then ask for teaching and seek knowledge , asking  their guidance . That is the place of shamans  and healers . My hand was taken , and I was led there .

The fairy blood runs in my own veins , always passed through the maternal side . My Mother and her Mother had been schooled in the old arts by their mothers and grandmothers before them . A long line of pagan queens , they nurtured each girl child in the old ways as they had been for generations past .

Gathering seeds , saying prayers ,they sang their songs ,roadmaps to another world  , Imagegleaning , brewing , spreading their love and their knowledge . And healing …. with the  whispered gifts of fairies .

Working beside her in gardens . Loving and tending the earth . Sifting it and digging it to come close to its’ secrets .

How can one be a healer if you do not know the language of the herbs and plants and flowers … How can you be its’ lover if you have not tended the rose , and been pricked by its; thorns ? But , I am getting so far ahead … years forward .DSC_6803I want to stay there still for a moment longer . Weaving chains of daisies as I did as a child , singing songs , and dreaming of the dreams that I would one day weave into my own crown of flowers .