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the Dreamer

The ribbons were untied and she suddenly felt herself rising… floating upwards and expanding as if her thoughts and spirit was merging with the sky… The soft colours had become a part of her body and the painting had become the clouds that lifted her as she was swept into the softness. She continued rising, and wondered how it had all  happened, and how she had had become a part of the moving pink skies.tashadreaming4tiny


My new website ….  with an overview of recent work , and sculptures and bronzes …http://natashavonarts.comImage

The Exhausted Artist

The Exhausted Artist

the blissful and exhausted artist …

Pegasus in color … sneaky …


PegasusGoldenwhite copy

How I love sculpting and painting horses !

Paint , color and a patina have been added to the bas relief . I can not indulge in the detail I wish for … it could easily take another three weeks of detailed work . So I am being – sneaky .And paint and color are my accomplices …

A strange word for an artist to use … But cleverness is and essential part of my medicine bag as an artist . … I create magic – I create illusions . So rather than make  it all an elegant bas relief , I must resort to my bag of tricks . Paint  will create the illusions I need , rather than clay and painstakingly created ,  shaped and polished swelling forms carefully built , and sculpted .

I am keeping my lady Peg  abstracted  and stylized .  She will be completed  with the  last  touches of  sculpted detail that I will add next , making the mass of the body  come alive with more muscles and veins . The mane and tail will fly  in detailed strands tinged with  soft reds  and gold leaf . .

I  shall add another panel  to extend her space , give her room …. and of course , add beautiful careful detail to the wings .She will be seven by four feet completed .

For her to fly high and strong .

A lady horse , with golden colors making her beauty even brighter . Pegasusingoldenorangesmall

Masterpiece ; Isfahan , A Mandala with Hidden Dragons , Weekly Photo Challenge

ImageCan you see the Dragns ? They are hidden in the carpet …. In Isphahan , in a  fabled garden of secret pleasures ; a carpet of legendary beauty exists  .  A Masterpiece , such a carpet , poetry mixed with wine on a sunny late afternoon .  Conferring  the observer with the ability to fly . Opening  internal realms , an invitation to contemplating time , the ephemeral , and perfection .

The carpet when observed closely ,  becomes a modern mandala , reflecting a moment of cosmic harmony and perfection .Doves fly out of a golden sky , Angels reach for their wings , as if to fly with the Dragons , who breathe their gentle fire into a Golden heaven complete with solar systems and golden orbs , caught dancing in a celestial tango with the stars .

Balance is everything , and we are still poised in the harmony of the Grand Water  Trine .A clarity and brilliance is in the air.

Living life fearlessly, but with tenderness is the masterpiece .

We create the Mandala daily .

The Golden Dragons , Water spirits bringing Earth to Heaven meet seeking the Golden Orb ; the treasure of the Immortals .

Meditation Angel

Meditation Angel

Color ; a bouquet of flavors ,a language of its’ own



Tastes of it on my tongue … tutti frutti , color is becoming my language …liberating me with its; music , and spilling out of me like light .

_DSC2536 A whole new series of paintings is pouring out  of me  with this  glorious watery Grand Trine .  Abstractions are their own language as well . We invent a world when we wander into an abstract piece of art . A world of invented place , space , and language . The nuance of color and shade says it all .

Sky Dancer

Sky Dancer

The painting has taken on its’ own life and spirt …

Sky Dancer … revelation

_DSC9561Sky DAncer

_DSC9622Day 1

Slowly, I lay the paint on; layer by layer. The painting accepts me; I have laid the ground lovingly. First a coat of glue on  the birch wood panels tinged with powdered tempera to give it a glow of color from within… Then the ancient recipe for gesso, cooked  until it is viscous and ready . I apply it  with a gentle mantra preparing the marble dust and chalk mixture, readying it to receive the painting I will create .

I apply layers of underpainting. Translucent glazes of lilac and copper. I paint intensely, the colour simply flows as if from my hands onto the canvas. I smooth it on with my palms , frustrated with brushes. My hands start to hurt, I sit back at last to look … The painting reveals itself.  I see it… A figure  is in the paint waiting to come out. Flying upwards as if rising. Full of lightness, it is a male figure suspended in a light filled world over a swirling sea.

I sculpt the wings that I see shaping themselves slowly as I go in a low bas relief, building what i see as a Wing in flight. There is an amazing flow… the  figure soars and I can not stop. The colour  flows and is alive with light, shining , almost too bright to behold …


Day 2

The piece is becoming powerful, magical, and  majestic. It is large, painted on two panels , 3 feet square . So it stands 3 feet by 6 feet tall – passionate rising and full of spirit .

I will soften the colors so the spirit does not burn with such intensity .

 His Wings do not catch fire
but they are wild and  full of beauty now .
Earth tones with flames , and a swirling sea and tide below ,
rising into flames and mists
full of mystery in shades so subtle they barely have names .
Overlays  of copper and gold.
The sun is misty yet aglow with fire., and the angel flies above the sun . 
The piece is taking shape. I have toned down the blazing colour. It has an  energy all  its  own  and almost  paints itself. It uses my hand to  come into being. I am an instrument and cannot stop painting . Am obsessed, and work from sunrise to darkness every day . Now it has created itself to what it wanted to be . A male figure clothed in veils of swirling energy and light . Rising above  waves of colour, poised in worlds of memory over the  oceans of time, passion and  peace all reflected in the golden rain  drops showering down from Heaven all around him  like an eternal benediction .

The light plays with the bas relief differently and the colours keep changing  from cold to warm with the time of day. . . The brilliance of  colour changes with the reflections and angles of light .


The asteroid Vanadis cried tears of red gold for her missing husband … She was prominent during the eclipse  when this  piece was conceived, and the painting is dazzling, as if detailed with golden tears, birthed between two eclipses, between Taurus and Gemini, in honour of a Leo whose wife is a poet. It is a story of love; about a man and a woman, about love, courage and devotion .

Her writing is beautiful.  I will add a line of her writing to finish the piece and more golden rain from Heaven .

There are 3 planets smiling in Gemini … the great  benifiics … the Sun, Venus  and Jupiter combining to rain down their blessings  upon those who hold up their arms and aprons to receive them, blessing  all that we bring into being through our actions and our dreaming.

Sky Dancer

Painting a fantasy ; Aries, Princess of Red

Aries Queen in Red

Her decollete on fire  with flaming red roses , fearlessly gazing forward ,  ablaze  with her innocence and intoxicating like springtime , she is the Queen of the color Red_DSC8639I have been painting a series of Astrological Portraits , and have worked on this one – a Princess or young Queen in Red throughout  the month of Aries , starting on the Equinox , She has come into her form and self through my brush , and layers of paint  , like a teasing revelation .A corseted Warrior Angel , wearing a crown , and ruffled details , with a red heart exposed between her breasts , she stands feraless , and beautiful .  Not yet complete , but her energy is strong as she watches me walk and cross the room . She has power , painted with the planets in the Aries stellium . She blazes fire through her eyes , and radiates with her strength and beauty .
She is painted on two birch wood panels , each 12 by 16 inches , and stands 32″‘ tall . Painted with oils ,  she is still drying , and awaits more details , glazes , final touches , and a  varnish .

She is almost complete , but still a lot of work before she is ready .

Now  , I am impatient . it is time to paint her sister , the Goddess of Spring , Taurus , a lush beauty bedecked with blossoms and flowers …I look forward to my next beauty , and Astrological Portrait – the Queen of May .