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Half Light


The Dreamer and the Moon … from ” The Dreamer”series, Natasha Von 

Aedh Wishes For The Cloths Of Heaven
Had I the heavens’ embroidered cloths,
Enwrought with golden and silver light,
The blue and the dim and the dark cloths
Of night and light and the half-light,
I would spread the cloths under your feet:
But I, being poor, have only my dreams;
I have spread my dreams under your feet;
Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.

— William Butler Yeats

Flora is Awakening

TashawFlora9tinyThe northern world is  slowly and tenderly coming back to life…

my new work, new series… Primavera…

The Rainbow Angel

RainbowangeltinywebA new palette is bursting through in my new work… and the Angel of the Rainbow appears …Her heart is suspended, exposed with spreading wings, inviting us to believe in miracles  like a rainbow after the storm… A digital psychedelic icon; a messenger of love and hope in a fast changing world, her radiant beauty expands my perception, breaking through with rainbows of light.




An Angel appears in the heavens above us… A magical window opens between eclipses, between the new moon’s solar eclipse and the lunar eclipse at the next full moon. Opening into a new dimension, it only appears between the eclipses. They come in pairs; cycles of ending and new beginning, opening and closing doors, welcoming us to step into the next unfolding of our journey… Each eclipse is an initiation into a new cycle, a new mystery.

The Angel beckons to us…We can step through the portal into a new vibration – a new vortex of energy with its own colours and tones.The Sun, Mercury and Neptune are clustered in the sign of Pisces, the two fish. We all feel the pull of the Mystic now… Neptune rules here, in his own element and watery sign joined by Chiron, Ceres and the South Node, and will soon be joined by Venus. Pisces is the sign of her sign of exaltation… and she shines as she pours her affections down upon us like liquid love. We are feeling the concerted power of the planets now, and can receive a healing of our deepest wounds if we surrender to this rare opening. Our emotions are flowing in response to the cosmic pull as the Angel sings to us… Pisces  flows with feeling and devotion and Neptune rules inspiration and music. We  can feel tenderness welling up, pulling at our hearts to open the flood gates and be released like fish to swim free in a sea of boundless love… and we must listen. The sign of Pisces sings to us with a Mermaid’s  irresistible voice and holds the key to all the mysteries. She breathes love, surrender and devotion. The last sign is the sign of completion; here the Angel gracefully spreads her wings to enfold us all with her tenderness… She holds the secret of the selfless heart,opening  us to a higher love.




Creative Dreaming

DreameryellowwidedarktinySwansDreamingsmYesterday was a double day, a day of two ones, the number eleven… a leap year day that will not return for another six years, or is it seven ? We have been gifted with a few days of gentler aspects in this tension filled sky. Pisces softness is fuzzing the edges of our Sun; two fish swimming in different directions. Neptune rules the skies now. In his own sign, surrounded by Chiron, Ceres and the South Node of the Moon as he joins the Sun, he infuses the sky with his watery power and a soft blue turquoise haze falls upon us all… We  see  only what we want to see… Swept into our  inner wonderlands, what better to do than dream… and birth new realities that we desire ?

Pisces rules dreams, illusions, sorrows and selfless love. Our vulnerabilities are being exposed, and with Mars in Scorpio for a lengthy few months as he retrogrades, secrets are being released. Chiron both opens deep wounds and heals them. We can pray now for our own inner wounds to be healed, along with deep healing  for our collective soul while Ceres, the Mother Goddess sings to us of universal love in this twelfth sign and last sign, the sign of universal consciousness… and  the subconscious world. Pisces is the completion of a cycle and merging with the Divine.Dreameryellowcropsm.jpg

This is a time for creative dreaming, visualization and prayer…  We can imagine, visualize and dream our new realities into being as this cosmic door opens to welcome us. Edges will  blur and new dimensions and worlds we create can welcome us if  we can surrender and ask this spirit of selflessness and softness to penetrate our opening hearts.

Madonna of the Lake

JenMadonnatinywThe Madonna of the Healing Waters… The Moon,  recently full in Virgo  in opposition to Neptune, lord of the seas and Chiron the healer, in Pisces  is pulling us. She beckons us to enter the endless sea of Divine Love. A portal opens at every New and Full Moon, and we can sow our seeds of hope in prayer , and manifest our dreams and intentions flowing with her cycles. Birthed at the New Moon in Aquarius, my Madonna is reaching her final stages of completion asNeptune and the Moon pause in their opposition in the skies . She keeps growing and expanding in my minds eye, and I am now ready to bring in the next phase as I pay homage to the Goddess of this potent  Virgo Moon.

Head dresses… for a Faery Queen


JOANNAFORNYMPHsFor a Faery Queen, for a Nymph and for a Lunar Goddess… draped in stars…Hand made to order, with silk flowers, natural pearls, natural elements, mixed with fabrics and leather, and bits of ribbon and jewels…

Autumn Interlude


Libra , faces of the Goddess

Joannepastelwgiteciye copyAll grace and taste ,  Libra, ruled by Venus  charms us all with her refinements and her beauty … JoannacutieWhitesmallCultivated ,  lovely like an orchid ,  she  shines  out her love as the seasons change and  perfect equilibrium reigns for a blessed moment  on Earth as day and night are balanced in time . JOANNAFinal1

Travel … nomads and dreams of far away places





ImageI could not stop dreaming of him , Night and day . His image would not leave me .  He spoke to me through dreams . I could feel him around me , in my thoughts , my waking dreams , he filled me with his presence from far away .  A nomad in my mind , I was restless in my heart . I could feel his thoughts at a distance , at all hours . and would sit dreaming of him , hoping to conjure up his image  . And he would appear before my eyes , walking with me , taking my hand as if he had always been there . As if we had never parted . He  surrounded me with his thoughts , like a master mermaid catcher … I could feel his sparkling net  being cast … and the tall ship would  pass by on the water , sails unfurled , as if writing his name in clouds , a nomad  in an ever changing sky .