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The SUN; the Golden Dakini Tarot


                           THE SUN CARD



Spring is unfolding outside as we stay in our isolated, internal worlds here in the north – and crave the glory of the SUN after this hard winter. Having been entirely immersed in creating a new deck of Tarot cards through the winter and spring, I will be unveiling them one by one, as I complete the deck. And will slowly introduce them… a compilation of years of images, most of the cards incorporate my photographic work with painted bodies. My visionary journey into the magical world of Tarot, interpreted in my own style –  combining painting, photography  and symbolism, merged  through modern digital processes is psychedelic in inspiration and perspective; shamanic, contemporary yet timeless. Creating the deck is an ongoing journey.  Its magic and mystery unfold daily as I do … I hope to have it completed and unveiled by Summer’s end.

Aurora Borealis , Morning Star … Sensitive …

Her petals unfurled .

ImageBlinded by the light , she became it . Pulsating through her , every cell electric .Her body was flying . No longer a body , but a being of light .  One with starlight , she sailed forth , free like a song that was on its’ way to Heaven …

Sensitive to variations of energy perceived as colour and light …vaulting through time , space and into a realm of what she perceived as Heaven all her senses became electrified .

” I am the Aurora Borealis ,  kissing the Morning Star ,  ”  she thought to herself , feeling her spirit expand , getting wider , and wider , brighter and brighter .

She was made up of starlight .

Her heart was music … opening like a thousand petalled Lotus in the throes of cosmic love … She melted into it , and expanded into the waves of light that flooded her body .. The wings were growing . They pushed through her  flesh , rising from her glowing  heart .

Looking down at her body , she saw gold . WHere there was flesh before , there was shining light , It was reflecting the starlight . Dazzling , it was like liquid light , reflecting in all directions .

She saw her flesh was turning into scales . Ten thousand rainbows of light were searing through her spirit body .

She was becoming  – a Dragon . ImagePlease visit my  music site on Reverbnation  to hear the Aurora Borealis ensemble and some of my musical work .


peace  ,

Natasha Von

all art , writing , and music copyright Natasha von Rosenschilde , 2013

Aurora Borealis – Morning Star


Aurora Borealis observed in Norway on 2006-10-28.

Aurora Borealis observed in Norway on 2006-10-28. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Aurora Borealis – Morning Star

The Aurora Borealis Ensemble in three compositions with Steve Hall – saxophone , Nick Tipe – bass , vocal and electronic effects , L. Kollassa . ambient compositions and electronics , Jason Maisonette on steel pedal slide guitar , Natasha Von – vocals and chimes , and  Belinda  Corpuz  , jazz vocals .