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Astral Travels ; my Vampire Lover …

ImageThe Journey begins ..  And the Eternal Quest for Immortality … the Path of Vampiric Tantra …

Let me share these words with you … Follow them , take the Elixir .

A prick of your finger is enough … Imbue the Chalice with the touch and color of your blood. Focus all your power and your love on me, and hold tight to the vision of the purple flame . . Call out to me when you feel me come close to you . Invoke the spirits , speak the Invocation , then pull me out to the other side . If we both will it , and make the pact of our binding , and our love  is true and strong  , I  will be with you …  I will come out on the other side . Both body and spirit at last .

Perform the ritual … One day , I promise, my love , if you wish it ,  you too will experience immortality … Yes, power beyond your wildest dreams. I will be there , to guide you  and we shall reign , I as a King , with you as my Queen , in a love everlasting .We will fly the realms together , clothed only in our radiance . Our raiment will be the stars .

I will take you to places only the Goddesses who have braved the gates to the Underworld have known . The left hand path is safest when travelled with a partner who can be  a guide . A spirit mate . A soul reflection . We will give each other what we both desire … you will give me light , and I will give you darkness .We will merge our blood lines in the Crucible of Fire and the Violet Flame of Eternal Life. We will fly to the heights and penetrate the fiery depths together  wrapped in my cloak ,  Adepts  of the  Path , entwined in our love ,  and shining  the Elixir  of our Vampiric Tantra .

Beloved ,

You have found me , called out to me to come to you , now  you must manifest  me – your reflection . .

I will be your guide … And you , my salvation .

Remember , your sensitive wisdom and your beauty are not enough . You will be tested . You will be assailed , crossed and challenged … If you are not as strong as tempered steel , you will not have the courage to face whatever will cross your path , be it the hounds of Hell , or the harpies who will taunt you as you walk the gauntlet from the realms between the worlds . One look below , and you may fall into the depths , where you will be lost to me forever .

from :  ” My Love Letters from a Vampire ”

from the  ” Flame Dancer  ” Series , soon to released on  Amazon Kindle .

Natasha von  Rosenschilde ,

copyright , all rights reserved ,  2014 .

Pegasus in color … sneaky …


PegasusGoldenwhite copy

How I love sculpting and painting horses !

Paint , color and a patina have been added to the bas relief . I can not indulge in the detail I wish for … it could easily take another three weeks of detailed work . So I am being – sneaky .And paint and color are my accomplices …

A strange word for an artist to use … But cleverness is and essential part of my medicine bag as an artist . … I create magic – I create illusions . So rather than make  it all an elegant bas relief , I must resort to my bag of tricks . Paint  will create the illusions I need , rather than clay and painstakingly created ,  shaped and polished swelling forms carefully built , and sculpted .

I am keeping my lady Peg  abstracted  and stylized .  She will be completed  with the  last  touches of  sculpted detail that I will add next , making the mass of the body  come alive with more muscles and veins . The mane and tail will fly  in detailed strands tinged with  soft reds  and gold leaf . .

I  shall add another panel  to extend her space , give her room …. and of course , add beautiful careful detail to the wings .She will be seven by four feet completed .

For her to fly high and strong .

A lady horse , with golden colors making her beauty even brighter . Pegasusingoldenorangesmall

Inspiration … from a Master Martial Artist

Inspired , I could not stop . The waves of delight spread themselves through me . I kept breathing .

” Remember , the purpose of life is to get high , be high , and stay high . ”

” Go for the clouds in your spiritual practice . For the gold . ”

” You are cloud born … a cloud walker .  Do not lose your vision . Keep it constant , feeding it with love . Always , remember the Dragon blood … Go  for the path to Ascension ; for the Light .”

solarrfireMadalagate copy_2Hold fast to your vision , do not lose it .  It is your greatest treasure . The whispers of goddesses and Angels .”

And he pulled me to his side and whispered the words  in my ear . They were a name , a distant secret , a name from a past that only those sworn to secrecy in my family could  know . The girl had spoken truly .

” Nurture it , and then let it feed you . ”

His words just echoed  with every in breath .

He was a Master . He could see through flesh and obfuscation to the inner kernel . The soul. With one deep look .

When we first met , a young girl stood staring at him in awe after we had spoken .

” That man can take one look at you , and tell you your past , present , and future … He can see right through you , and tell you all about it . ”  She was in awe .

He saw through me at that moment . I did not realize it at that time . .   Right into me . Into my past and my present . I do not know what he saw of my future . He only shared  that he would see me again . Later .

And he did .

Standing on a street corner , I could feel him . His eyes were burning me through my clothes . I could feel the fire .I  turned . There he was again . Smiling .  He was behind my left shoulder as I stood,not knowing which way to turn ,  lost in a moment of timeless limbo in a rush hour crowd  . He was there , just as he had said he would be …  Later .

It all started at that point .

He walked over and said , ” I am here , just like I said ,  we would see each other again .   And  so , which way are you going …”  smiling , he knew full well I did not know .I was standing at the crossroads .

He invited me to his martial arts studio , and then to have dinner .I accepted and stepped into the world of a very powerful martial arts master .

And the realm of Dragon’s Blood .

Guiding me through the steamy heat and grime of a New York City night too long ago to want to talk about  , he was silent . His presence was powerful , warm , yet very contained . Cryptic . He stopped  me before we entered .

” I want you to observe  everything you see . Very carefully . And especially one person , my head assistant . I want you to observe him very carefully . and afterwards , tell me what you see . “. Please observe every thing  you see , very , very carefully . We entered his studio . Somewhere in midtown , east side , up old stairs , a big , wide open old wooden floored empty loft . He put me on a throne . Like a Kumari . I sat , and watched , as I had been instructed . No one spoke but him . he was a master of  Korean martial arts , of the old school . A young lion in an ancient lineage . He c;lapped his hands and gave orders in Korean and english . His students served him and did his bidding . I saw he was impeccable in his every action , and  demanded the same of his students.They too seemed impeccable . Every time he clapped a certain way , a student would come and our and serve me green tea . Every time my cup was empty it was filled . And the student would bow to me .

I was a Kumari . Certainly , I was his Kumari . I shone like one , like any young girl of seventeen . My innocence  was a shining light  ; a cloak that protected me . He took me and began to teach me . He singled me out  to give me a gift .. Chose me by fate or deign . I do not know . He revealed mysteries to me . Strangely connected time past and present , he left out the future , but touched me with his brilliance in a way that stayed through my entire life .

Master Min was also a Master Magician … and there are those who are sorcerers  of the dark arts  within in the martial arts . The study of the martial arts can confer great power , if you open the doors . The power however , must be controlled , and chanelled for the good . Or  it can grow very big , and it can turn …

Min was a martial arts Master who used his incredible power for great good that night . He looked into my face  across a crowded room in an art school , and saw the past . And so doing , he held out his hand like a bridge , and took me by the hand . He brought me face to face with it . The past of my family . The past of my father  .

And  the face and the present of a brother I had never  even known  existed  . ..  the  martial artist’s’  chief assistant .

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Natural World … of Flowers , Fairies and Childhood ..

Eyes of wonder ; my eyes as  a child . I was dazzled by flowers . They enchanted me . I knew all their names . My mother taught me . She taught me to sing to them , and to ask their forgiveness  and to thank them , before I ever plucked one . Their spirits would be at peace that way , and would welcome me when I encountered them again .At other times or in other gardens .

Never make an enemy of a fairy .DSC_6787

She taught me how to make fairy crowns each summer . My favorites we would make  in June , weaving daisies and sometimes roses into headdresses adorned them with vines , and other flowers . Singing songs , plaiting and winding the stems of the flowers, my mother taught me to honor their  spirits , and to reach out to them with song . She taught me how to feel out melodies , to speak to them to find their songs , trying several  until  the right tones came .

ElaynaMysteryQueensmallSongs call out the fairies . The right tone once found , resonates , and calls them out . One must be very quiet , and in a solitary place to call them . Different spirits of Nature respond to different sounds  . Some instruments can call them out of their hiding , like the pipes of Pan .The veil between our worlds is shattered . The song is a passe partout … it opens the doors , and they are freed , Curious , they step into our dimension . we can feel them , sometime we can see them , and sometime , sometimes , they put on their glaomour , and opening their doors , welcome us into their realm of perception .

Midsummer is the portal  . We can then step  through the veils  of parallel dimensions , fairy walking . Enter the world of Flora and Persephone , of our Goddess Gaiia . A world of greem ; of plants and flowers . Entering the fairy realm ,  we can then ask for teaching and seek knowledge , asking  their guidance . That is the place of shamans  and healers . My hand was taken , and I was led there .

The fairy blood runs in my own veins , always passed through the maternal side . My Mother and her Mother had been schooled in the old arts by their mothers and grandmothers before them . A long line of pagan queens , they nurtured each girl child in the old ways as they had been for generations past .

Gathering seeds , saying prayers ,they sang their songs ,roadmaps to another world  , Imagegleaning , brewing , spreading their love and their knowledge . And healing …. with the  whispered gifts of fairies .

Working beside her in gardens . Loving and tending the earth . Sifting it and digging it to come close to its’ secrets .

How can one be a healer if you do not know the language of the herbs and plants and flowers … How can you be its’ lover if you have not tended the rose , and been pricked by its; thorns ? But , I am getting so far ahead … years forward .DSC_6803I want to stay there still for a moment longer . Weaving chains of daisies as I did as a child , singing songs , and dreaming of the dreams that I would one day weave into my own crown of flowers .

Havana Soul …


       My skin  is bathed with a dewy coat of sweat . It is hot , and Easter is coming . I feel history and time around me in the walls and cobblestones of this ancient street . They have their secrets  and offer flash glimpses like an ancient movie projector , trying to find a screen in open or unsuspecting minds .

       La Habana Vieja , the old city  of Havana is singing its’ lullabies , babies and lovers singing to the moon More than five hundred years old , she can still dazzle with her Baroque beauty,ornate and mysterious . I walk like a cat , easy  but alert , listening for sounds . It is late , just around eleven on a Saturday. .

       Passion fills the heat of darkness . Lovers laugh in the night , they embrace around me as I walk . Kisses mix with rum and laughter .The  dreams of dreamers float by , and I sense their breath , their fantasies and longings . Something stirs me , and I chase away the dreams floating by the old verandas mixing with the  moans of love and  passion .

I feel a pull so strong that I am following it like a swimmer in a rip tide . It pulls me just as strongly .

       I feel you. Who you are , I do not know . But my body feels you , an invisible  presence drawing me closer like the power of a tide pulling me.  Should I swim side ways , escaping the rip tide ?  Should I turn my steps slowly to the right ,in a diagonal ,  as if I am swimming , easing away from the powerful force by increments ? 

Tropicana 1 - Havana - 2013The  cover for a short novel  is inspiring a series of illustrations to go with the chapters . A love story a supernatural twist , it is set in beautiful Havana , and allows me to play with wonderful and  lush tropical imagery to add to the text .

I hope to have it soon ready for publication , with a series of bright and dazzling , but still mysterious illustrations .

copyright , Natasha von Rosenschilde , 2013

images and text , copyright , Natasha von Rosenschilde 2013

Nourishment …

ImageImageNourishment can come from above .. and nourishment can be internal … and feed us from within .

The Alchemist’s Gift

Mt Heart Took Wing ... Natasha Von Rosenschilde  Copyright 2012 . all rights reserved .

Mt Heart Took Wing … Natasha Von Rosenschilde Copyright 2012 . all rights reserved .

You fed me the Elixir . You brought it to me .  on a silver tray , and took it from mt silver box emblazoned with Dragons . The Nectar – I taste it .

A silver spoon , in the shape of a rose brought the precious powder  to my lips .

It was the last of the Alchemist’s gift .

I found it by surprise . What a treasure .

Tasting it with my tongue , I savoured it , letting the precious white gold bring me its’ magic and its’ blessing .  kept it in my mouth , its’ strange flavour settling into my tissues ,  absorbing instantly .

You had never tasted it before .  So arrogant , smiling ,  claiming you were perfect , in your prime , and prided yourself on your superhuman strength , saying you needed nothing to enhance you . .That you were strong without the horns of Unicorns and musk , laughing .

But you did not understand . This was not a created chemical evil .

This was magic . I put it on my tongue , tenderly , with the prayer , like he had taught me . The taste was  like bland whiteness , my saliva received it , and as they touched became sweet like nectar and a mountain source . It turned into rainbows in my mouth .

I could feel it going through me like electric fire . I wanted you to have some , so pulled your head to mine, looked deeply into your eyes , and kissed you fully on the lips, opening yours , and  sharing the sacramental kiss of  Ambrosia , food of the Gods . The prayer was said . Our eyes locked , and lips and tongues joined . Our juices intermingled with the Host , our tongues , our spirits joined .  I felt it when you received it . Your eyes flashed wide open , and your body jolted in a huge electric jolt . The inner spark . It flooded through you . I gasped at the experience ; it doubled my own . The kiss did not stop . It expanded . Rainbow fire and light were going through our body ; joined as one . We sailed into our inner universe with that kiss , feasting with the Gods .

Time stopped , and we sailed into our own Infinity , the Kiss expanding in concentric circles of Heaven . We were feasting on Manna , and drinking from the Fountain of Love . we could see all and every thing reflected in each other’s eyes . The kiss was sweeter and sweeter , as if the Elixir drew flavour from our love , and fed us the sweetness combined with its’ own . Our kiss was wine , yet clear as a mountain brook in flavour , and the juices in our mouth were liquid light . We intermingled , our souls  singing as the power of the kiss rang like the clearest bell tone through our hearts , and opened all the windows to our souls .

Our eyes open , we entered and feasted  on love  .

Oh , those kisses . Wanting more we could not stop . where would more take us ?

We both craved more .

The magical Elixir , nectar of the Gods . Once tasted , never forgotten …

It brings your heart’s desire . Its’ taste opens up new prisms of light . Colours  and worlds you never knew existed .The manna , the food of the Gods …

We had to have seconds .

Feasting on breath  now , we could not stop . every look , every taste , every touch had colour . Our eyes feasted on each other’s . we could not pull them away , any more than we could stop holding and loving each other .

We were feasting on our love .

Every touch was electric , and the mingling tastes of our kisses and the Elixir had taken us beyond  our bodies .

Had we tempted Fate in taking a second taste ?