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Havana Soul …


       My skin  is bathed with a dewy coat of sweat . It is hot , and Easter is coming . I feel history and time around me in the walls and cobblestones of this ancient street . They have their secrets  and offer flash glimpses like an ancient movie projector , trying to find a screen in open or unsuspecting minds .

       La Habana Vieja , the old city  of Havana is singing its’ lullabies , babies and lovers singing to the moon More than five hundred years old , she can still dazzle with her Baroque beauty,ornate and mysterious . I walk like a cat , easy  but alert , listening for sounds . It is late , just around eleven on a Saturday. .

       Passion fills the heat of darkness . Lovers laugh in the night , they embrace around me as I walk . Kisses mix with rum and laughter .The  dreams of dreamers float by , and I sense their breath , their fantasies and longings . Something stirs me , and I chase away the dreams floating by the old verandas mixing with the  moans of love and  passion .

I feel a pull so strong that I am following it like a swimmer in a rip tide . It pulls me just as strongly .

       I feel you. Who you are , I do not know . But my body feels you , an invisible  presence drawing me closer like the power of a tide pulling me.  Should I swim side ways , escaping the rip tide ?  Should I turn my steps slowly to the right ,in a diagonal ,  as if I am swimming , easing away from the powerful force by increments ? 

Tropicana 1 - Havana - 2013The  cover for a short novel  is inspiring a series of illustrations to go with the chapters . A love story a supernatural twist , it is set in beautiful Havana , and allows me to play with wonderful and  lush tropical imagery to add to the text .

I hope to have it soon ready for publication , with a series of bright and dazzling , but still mysterious illustrations .

copyright , Natasha von Rosenschilde , 2013

images and text , copyright , Natasha von Rosenschilde 2013

Spring makes my head spin … and the doors open

ImageDizzy , I talk to trees and daisies ,  awestruck by the miracle of  a new spring , one more time .Each spring  is  a miracle to me  , and reborm, ideas flow through my head , swirling until I hear them like melodies , and I want to dance ; but they all want to fly . They expand in every direction , butterflies and bees …. My delight  expresses itself in my love of creating  beauty . I paint , I sculpt , and – I love to make  magical Hats .

And what more of a delight  – my  strange fascination  with – Hats .

I believe in Hats . Hats that can change the way you look to the world , and  way you think , and the way the world sees you . Hats are objects of  power  , dreams and secrets are held there if they are special enough  , and  fantasy hats  are the best  if one’s intent is to make magic  . .

Fantasy hats  are always stitched by hand  and created with love  . .  they  have spells and incantations sewn in with their stitches . Fetishes and jewels hidden in silk seams  . They are like visible dreams and  spells put out to the world when one wears one … and can have great  power …  as every young girl knows  , and as does  every witch , and the wise  shaman ….

I love to wear , and to create Hats .

When one takes a chance – and steps out of a comfortable anonymous zone , one opens the doors …. Suddenly the veils fade , reality changes , so subtly , welcoming   whatever dreams you have been dreaming to step into your life …. A hat can transform its’ wearer …. i opening  doors , casting spells , and bring magic into your life .

Fantasy hat , custom order ,

Natasha Von

modelled by Julia   , a dancer with Kai Dance .

New Flight ; Creating a Wing ,and the Joy of Spring

Jolted into a place of spontaneous inspiration a few days ago, I have been on fire  in a creative surge with Springtime . All the Aries energy we have just passed has come  rushing into my fingers from my head . Now , with Taurus  now reigning  so lushly , at last , I need to sculpt , as if  a  whirlwing  and a flow are  moving through me .

In a recent  conversation about a possible sculpture commission I asked  the client why  the  piece was being  commissioned to be created . The answer was slow in coming . “My husband died a few years ago ,” the warm and clear voice on the  phone replied.

” I want this to be for him , honoring his life and passing , and for me , to be there  for  me , and our son , as an inspiration , going forward .”

I asked his sign, and birthday , as astrology is a part of my process in doing a personal commission especially one such as this . The answer chilled me. It was the same sign and simply it was a day away from my own . He was a Leo , and she is a Gemini – a spontaneous combustion of positivity exists between those two signs when they combine  that leads to a soaring  spirit . They  are creative , communicative and full of light . Together they would express that energy  to each other , and as a couple out to the world .

I simply wanted to make something very beautiful for this lady .

Sketches  had been requested , and after the call I was focused on my visions for the piece . It was a true challenge … an elegant , natural , inspirational piece . A grand soaring vision , on a low budget , but so beautiful , and it so moved me . I had lost  a sweet , dear friend to Lou Gehrig’ s Diease a few years ago . It is  a sad and painful crippling  illness that can often  strike the young , and my friend passed at 35 .

Right away , ideas  were flowing through my head , and started coming .  I wanted to create something that would make the spirit soar . And something that spoke of love . And a new life – going forward , as was requested  . I  sat down , and started to draw  , The sketches were coming out fast , and I started to really feel the pice . Several ideas started to gel into one vision , and the drawings were  working sketches .The drawings were flowing  with a life of their own and talking to me . The piece started coming together in my head . I could not wait to get it into my hands . The drawings were making me impatient . I did not want to labor over them . I wanted to create , and touch the clay , and shape the form , and speak to it .

Now I could  see the vision clearly .she had seen my large Winged bronzes ; figures in full or suggested partial flight . And was moved by them . I knew  what  I wanted to do .           ImageIt would not be easy … I had to somehow figure out how to create a large  magestic sculpture with the simplest , most limited resources . And use natural materials as much as possible .

A friend came over who is an impassioned painter . We spoke . He offered his help . He said , ” I will help you create this vision . I want to be a part of it  ” and so we got into his truck , and went out to buy clay . Image

We sat down , and he rolled the clay while I started to sculpt , and  the flow just kept going on into the night . It was such a pleasure to feel  the clay in my hands , and to touch it and shape it so easily , and to sense its’ immediate response . The clay shaped itself under my fingers as if by magic . It was flowing into the wing I was creating . each component I had designed just shaped itself  as if by magic under my fingers . My friend kept rolling , and coiling as I kept working , the pieces almost forming themselves like a dance . Image

It was late in the night when we stopped . I collapsed exhausted , barely  cleaning off the raw sienna  color of the clay that was  streaked all over my body . The next morning I  got up at very early to  photograph the sculpted pieces of Wing .

The process will be complex . Sculpting more , making moulds , experimenting with different materials , poring the materials , refining the casts … .then putting all the pieces together , finishing the patina , and working with other artists to weld and shape the metal supports , and create the base  .

I pray they come together beautifully, intact through the kiln ,  and the  firing into a  beautiful , strong base of the  Wing  in flight , that will be the first part of the long  process that will come together to create  a large and lovely   flowing sculpture . I hope that it will lift and inspire  the viewer  invoking    a new beginning , and a spirit  in joyous flight . ..

More of my sculpture may be seen under Wings of Desire on my website  www.natashavon.com _DSC8591

Cupid’s Arrow and a Bed of Roses


A Bed of Roses 

Thinking of you , I close my eyes , and I am lying back on a bed of roses , 

Their petals caress my skin , 

a sacrament of bliss . 

I sigh ,

the murmur of love escapes from my heart ,

juice escapes from the flower

 opening ,

and throbbing between my thighs ;

 sweet , like honey ,

my crystal nectar

 for the bee.

I dream a moment longer ,

And feel your kiss

 upon my lips .

Open to receive you ,

 a sacrament of bliss ,

nectar exchanged  from your lips

to mine ,

Your curls falling over my face  like tendrils  from a sacred vine .

 encircling me with the sweetest bondage  ,

for this ,


A love

divine .


 from , ” My Unchained Heart ” 

a compilation of poetry and prose ,

copyright , Natasha von Rosenschilde , 2013